Speed Operations: Services

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The mission of the Chrome Speed Services team is to develop the tools and infrastructure necessary for teams to detect, help diagnose, and follow through on performance regressions in Chrome. We accomplish this through a set of interconnected tools, which process data from the Chrome Benchmarking Team and automate the Chrome Speed Releasing workflow:

  • The Chrome Performance Dashboard stores over 4 million performance timeseries, and monitors hundreds of thousands of them for performance regressions. It integrates with Chrome's bug tracker for follow-through.
  • Most of our automated builds take too long to get performance data on every revision, so we have bisect bots to narrow down regressions. These bots also support running performance try jobs on unsubmitted CLs.
  • Whether a performance test is run locally or in the lab, right now or last year, we want to make it easy to understand and share the results. We develop data formats and user interfaces that make it easy to dig deeply into performance regressions.

Here is a diagram of how our tooling fits into the chromium performance continuous build: Speed Continuous Build

2017 Roadmap

  • Improve our ability to bisect to root causes. Pinpoint is a rewrite of the existing bisect system, design to address the shortcomings of a fully automated system running on buildbot. Tighter integration with the dashboard will allow better code sharing, more thorough test coverage, and a greatly improved and interactive user interface.
  • Enable deep debugging and better numerics across our products. We are working to make the dashboard, pinpoint, and telemetry all use our new HistogramSet data format, which stores full histograms and statistics about test results, as well as diagnostics with built-in UIs which help users dig in when something's wrong.
  • Improve the sheriffing process. We're working on burning down bugs in the sheriffing workflow, and also adding milestone-level reports that give a high-level overview of how Chrome is performing from release to release, so that we can better focus our performance efforts.