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Name: Abseil
Short Name: absl
License: Apache 2.0
License File: LICENSE
Version: 0
Revision: 27c30ec671cb7b5ba84c4e79feff7fd0b0ac6338
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the source code of Abseil for C++. This can be used by
Chromium's dependencies, but shouldn't be used by Chromium itself.
How to update Abseil:
1. Download the code from the Abseil git repository (see URL).
2. Copy the content of the Abseil git repo to //third_party/abseil-cpp.
3. From //third_party/abseil-cpp/ launch ./
This script will rewrite dynamic_annotations and thread_annotations
macros and function inside Abseil in order to avoid ODR violations
and macro clashing with Chromium
Local Modifications:
* absl/copts.bzl has been translated to //third_party/absl-cpp/ Both
files contain lists of compiler flags in order to reduce duplication.
* All the BUILD.bazel files has been translated to files.
* Functions and macros in absl/base/dynamic_annotations.{h,cc} and
absl/base/thread_annotations.h have been renamed to avoid ODR
violations and macro clashes with Chromium (see step 3).