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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/bluetooth_profile_manager_client.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/bluetooth_profile_service_provider.h"
#include "device/bluetooth/bluetooth_adapter_chromeos.h"
#include "device/bluetooth/bluetooth_export.h"
namespace device {
class BluetoothUUID;
} // namespace device
namespace chromeos {
// The BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS class implements a multiplexing
// profile for custom Bluetooth services managed by a BluetoothAdapter.
// Maintains a list of delegates which may serve the profile.
// One delegate is allowed for each device.
class DEVICE_BLUETOOTH_EXPORT BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS
: public chromeos::BluetoothProfileServiceProvider::Delegate {
// Registers a profile with the BlueZ server for |uuid| with the
// options |options|. Returns a newly allocated pointer, or nullptr
// if there was a problem.
static BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS* Register(
BluetoothAdapterChromeOS* adapter,
const device::BluetoothUUID& uuid,
const BluetoothProfileManagerClient::Options& options,
const base::Closure& success_callback,
const BluetoothProfileManagerClient::ErrorCallback& error_callback);
~BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS() override;
// The object path of the profile.
const dbus::ObjectPath& object_path() const { return object_path_; }
// Add a delegate for a device associated with this profile.
// An empty |device_path| indicates a local listening service.
// Returns true if the delegate was set, and false if the |device_path|
// already had a delegate set.
bool SetDelegate(const dbus::ObjectPath& device_path,
BluetoothProfileServiceProvider::Delegate* delegate);
// Remove the delegate for a device. |unregistered_callback| will be called
// if this unregisters the profile.
void RemoveDelegate(const dbus::ObjectPath& device_path,
const base::Closure& unregistered_callback);
// Returns the number of delegates for this profile.
size_t DelegateCount() const { return delegates_.size(); }
BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS(BluetoothAdapterChromeOS* adapter,
const device::BluetoothUUID& uuid);
// BluetoothProfileServiceProvider::Delegate:
void Released() override;
void NewConnection(
const dbus::ObjectPath& device_path,
scoped_ptr<dbus::FileDescriptor> fd,
const BluetoothProfileServiceProvider::Delegate::Options& options,
const ConfirmationCallback& callback) override;
void RequestDisconnection(const dbus::ObjectPath& device_path,
const ConfirmationCallback& callback) override;
void Cancel() override;
// Called by dbus:: on completion of the D-Bus method to unregister a profile.
void OnUnregisterProfileError(const base::Closure& unregistered_callback,
const std::string& error_name,
const std::string& error_message);
// List of delegates which this profile is multiplexing to.
std::map<std::string, BluetoothProfileServiceProvider::Delegate*> delegates_;
// The UUID that this profile represents.
const device::BluetoothUUID& uuid_;
// Registered dbus object path for this profile.
dbus::ObjectPath object_path_;
// Profile dbus object for receiving profile method calls from BlueZ
scoped_ptr<BluetoothProfileServiceProvider> profile_;
// Adapter that owns this profile.
BluetoothAdapterChromeOS* adapter_;
// Note: This should remain the last member so it'll be destroyed and
// invalidate its weak pointers before any other members are destroyed.
base::WeakPtrFactory<BluetoothAdapterProfileChromeOS> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace chromeos