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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This is the implementation layer of the chrome.automation API, and is
// essentially a translation of the internal accessibility tree update system
// into an extension API.
namespace automationInternal {
// Data for an accessibility event and/or an atomic change to an accessibility
// tree. See ui/accessibility/ax_tree_update.h for an extended explanation of
// the tree update format.
[nocompile] dictionary AXEventParams {
// The tree id of the web contents that this update is for.
DOMString treeID;
// ID of the node that the event applies to.
long targetID;
// The type of event that this update represents.
DOMString eventType;
// The source of this event.
DOMString eventFrom;
// The mouse coordinates when this event fired.
double mouseX;
double mouseY;
// ID of an action request resulting in this event.
long actionRequestID;
// Actions internally used by automation.
enum ActionTypePrivate {
// Arguments required for all actions supplied to performAction.
dictionary PerformActionRequiredParams {
DOMString treeID;
long automationNodeID;
// This can be either automation::ActionType or
// automation_internal::ActionTypePrivate.
DOMString actionType;
long? requestID;
// Arguments for the customAction action. Those args are passed to
// performAction as opt_args.
dictionary PerformCustomActionParams {
long customActionID;
// Arguments for the setSelection action supplied to performAction.
dictionary SetSelectionParams {
// Reuses ActionRequiredParams automationNodeID to mean anchor node id,
// and treeID to apply to both anchor and focus node ids.
long focusNodeID;
long anchorOffset;
long focusOffset;
// Arguments for the replaceSelectedText action supplied to performAction.
dictionary ReplaceSelectedTextParams {
DOMString value;
// Arguments for the setValue action supplied to performAction.
dictionary SetValueParams {
DOMString value;
// Arguments for the querySelector function.
dictionary QuerySelectorRequiredParams {
DOMString treeID;
long automationNodeID;
DOMString selector;
// Arguments for the enableTab function.
dictionary EnableTabParams {
long? tabID;
// Arguments for the getImageData action.
dictionary GetImageDataParams {
long maxWidth;
long maxHeight;
// Arguments for the hitTest action.
dictionary HitTestParams {
long x;
long y;
DOMString eventToFire;
// Returns the accessibility tree id of the web contents who's accessibility
// was enabled using enableTab().
callback EnableTabCallback = void(DOMString tree_id);
// Callback called when enableDesktop() returns.
callback EnableDesktopCallback = void();
// Callback called when querySelector() returns.
callback QuerySelectorCallback = void(long resultAutomationNodeID);
interface Functions {
// Enable automation of the tab with the given id, or the active tab if no
// tab id is given, and retrieves accessibility tree id for use in
// future updates.
static void enableTab(EnableTabParams args,
EnableTabCallback callback);
// Enable automation of the frame with the given tree id.
static void enableFrame(DOMString tree_id);
// Enables desktop automation.
static void enableDesktop(EnableDesktopCallback callback);
// Performs an action on an automation node.
static void performAction(PerformActionRequiredParams args,
object opt_args);
// Performs a query selector query.
static void querySelector(QuerySelectorRequiredParams args,
QuerySelectorCallback callback);
interface Events {
// Fired when an accessibility event occurs
static void onAccessibilityEvent(AXEventParams update);
static void onAccessibilityTreeDestroyed(DOMString treeID);
static void onTreeChange(long observerID,
DOMString treeID,
long nodeID,
DOMString changeType);
static void onChildTreeID(DOMString treeID);
static void onNodesRemoved(DOMString treeID, long[] nodeIDs);
static void onAccessibilityTreeSerializationError(DOMString treeID);
static void onActionResult(DOMString treeID, long requestID, boolean result);