Disable coverage for Android x86/x86_64 toolchains.

Since we lack the libclang_rt.profile library for Android x86/x86_64,
we cannot link any Android binaries that are built with coverage
instrumentation. This blocks generating coverage builds for Chrome OS,
because of ARC. Therefore, we need to ensure that no files built for
Android x86/x86_64 have coverage instrumentation.

We previously attempted to workaround this by excluding libmojo.so from
Chrome OS builds in crrev.com/c/1493471. We have since discovered that
that change is insufficient, and also fragile, since a dependency on
mojo can be added anywhere in the build files.

This new change is a better workaround. Instead of special-casing mojo,
we disable coverage instrumentation for the all of android_clang_x86
and android_clang_x64 toolchains. This is better because it prevents
any Android-toolchain files from generating coverage instrumentation.

Bug: 865376
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