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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "remoting/client/input/trackpad_input_strategy.h"
#include "remoting/client/ui/desktop_viewport.h"
namespace remoting {
namespace {
// Trackpad mode does not need tap feedback.
const float kTapFeedbackRadius = 0.f;
const float kDragFeedbackRadius = 8.f;
} // namespace
TrackpadInputStrategy::TrackpadInputStrategy(const DesktopViewport& viewport)
: cursor_position_(viewport.GetViewportCenter()) {}
TrackpadInputStrategy::~TrackpadInputStrategy() = default;
void TrackpadInputStrategy::HandleZoom(const ViewMatrix::Point& pivot,
float scale,
DesktopViewport* viewport) {
// The cursor position is the pivot point.
ViewMatrix::Point cursor_pivot =
viewport->ScaleDesktop(cursor_pivot.x, cursor_pivot.y, scale);
// Keep the cursor on focus.
viewport->SetViewportCenter(cursor_position_.x, cursor_position_.y);
bool TrackpadInputStrategy::HandlePan(const ViewMatrix::Vector2D& translation,
Gesture simultaneous_gesture,
DesktopViewport* viewport) {
if (simultaneous_gesture == ZOOM) {
// Don't move the cursor if the user is scaling the viewport.
return false;
ViewMatrix::Vector2D translation_on_desktop =
cursor_position_.x += translation_on_desktop.x;
cursor_position_.y += translation_on_desktop.y;
cursor_position_ = viewport->ConstrainPointToDesktop(cursor_position_);
// Keep the cursor on focus.
viewport->SetViewportCenter(cursor_position_.x, cursor_position_.y);
return true;
bool TrackpadInputStrategy::TrackTouchInput(
const ViewMatrix::Point& touch_point,
const DesktopViewport& viewport) {
// Do nothing. The cursor position is independent of the touch position.
// |touch_point| is always valid.
return true;
ViewMatrix::Point TrackpadInputStrategy::GetCursorPosition() const {
return cursor_position_;
void TrackpadInputStrategy::FocusViewportOnCursor(
DesktopViewport* viewport) const {
viewport->SetViewportCenter(cursor_position_.x, cursor_position_.y);
ViewMatrix::Vector2D TrackpadInputStrategy::MapScreenVectorToDesktop(
const ViewMatrix::Vector2D& delta,
const DesktopViewport& viewport) const {
// No conversion is needed for trackpad mode.
return delta;
float TrackpadInputStrategy::GetFeedbackRadius(TouchFeedbackType type) const {
switch (type) {
case TouchFeedbackType::TAP_FEEDBACK:
return kTapFeedbackRadius;
case TouchFeedbackType::DRAG_FEEDBACK:
return kDragFeedbackRadius;
return 0.f;
bool TrackpadInputStrategy::IsCursorVisible() const {
return true;
} // namespace remoting