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The converter is a command line utility that will convert from COLLADA
to the form that the sample JavaScript scene loader (in
samples/o3djs/serialization.js) can read.
It is able to read COLLADA files as either DAE text files (and
associated asset files in subdirectories), or as part of a ZIP archive
(or KMZ file). It outputs a gzip-compressed tar archive (.tgz) which
contains a JSON file and any associated assets (textures, shaders,
etc.) from the source COLLADA model. By default we don't use the .tgz
extension, as it can cause problems with some webservers; we put .o3dtgz on
In order to run the converter on Windows, you need the DirectX SDK installed.
Installing it requires administrator privileges. You can get it here:
The command line arguments are as follows:
Usage: o3dConverter.exe [--base-path=<path>]
<infile.dae> [ <outfile> ]
--base-path=<path>: This specifies the path elements to remove from
the beginning of the filenames placed into the
.o3dtgz file (to avoid including sensitive paths in
the .o3dtgz file).
--up-axis=x,y,z: This specifies the up-axis for the resulting model,
if you wish it to be different from the axis in the
--pretty-print: This simply formats the JSON file in the resulting
.o3dtgz file to be human readable, instead of compacted
into one line.
--no-condition: This will prevent conditioning of the shaders from
COLLADA form to the form expected by O3D. [This is
useful only for pre-release data conditioned before
the converter existed.]
--sharp-edge-threshold=<threshold>: Adds edges with normal angle
larger than <threshold>.
--sharp-edge-color=r,g,b: Specify color of the additional edges,
(value 0 to 1).Default value is 1,0,0.
<infile.dae||infile.kmz>: This is the input file in one of
ZIP, KMZ, or DAE formats. The
DAE format expects to find assets
relative to the .dae file.
<outfile>: An optional argument giving the name of the
gzip-compressed tar archive output file. By default
this has the same basename as the input file, and has the extension