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// This file should almost always be empty. Normally Chromium test expectations
// are found in
// src/third_party/WebKit/LayoutTests/platform/chromium/test_expectations.txt
// Only add expectations here to temporarily suppress messages on the bots
// until the changes can be landed upstream.
// All these need to be rebaselined upstream. I will do this in the next
// few hours, and after the next roll all these can be removed again.
// TODO(thakis): Remove these after the next webkit roll.
BUGTHAKIS LINUX : media/video-display-toggle.html = IMAGE
BUGTHAKIS LINUX RELEASE : svg/batik/paints/gradientLimit.svg = IMAGE
BUGTHAKIS WIN : media/video-display-toggle.html = IMAGE
BUGTHAKIS WIN RELEASE : svg/batik/paints/gradientLimit.svg = IMAGE
BUGTHAKIS WIN : svg/custom/js-late-gradient-and-object-creation.svg = IMAGE
// This test found a real bug in the new skia version. I will file a bug for this on reed
// and submit an upstream suppression.
BUGTHAKIS_CR68921 WIN LINUX DEBUG : svg/batik/paints/gradientLimit.svg = TIMEOUT FAIL