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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "components/password_manager/core/browser/password_manager_client.h"
namespace password_manager {
// Delegate class for PasswordManagerClientHelper. A class that wants to use
// PasswordManagerClientHelper must implement this delegate.
class PasswordManagerClientHelperDelegate {
// Shows the dialog where the user can accept or decline the global autosignin
// setting as a first run experience.
virtual void PromptUserToEnableAutosignin() = 0;
// Methods required from PasswordManagerClient implementation:
virtual bool IsIncognito() const = 0;
virtual PrefService* GetPrefs() const = 0;
virtual PasswordManager* GetPasswordManager() = 0;
virtual ~PasswordManagerClientHelperDelegate() {}
// Helper class for PasswordManagerClients. It extracts some common logic for
// ChromePasswordManagerClient and IOSChromePasswordManagerClient.
class PasswordManagerClientHelper {
explicit PasswordManagerClientHelper(
PasswordManagerClientHelperDelegate* delegate);
// Implementation of PasswordManagerClient::NotifyUserCouldBeAutoSignedIn.
void NotifyUserCouldBeAutoSignedIn(
std::unique_ptr<autofill::PasswordForm> form);
// Implementation of
// PasswordManagerClient::NotifySuccessfulLoginWithExistingPassword.
void NotifySuccessfulLoginWithExistingPassword(
const autofill::PasswordForm& form);
// Called as a response to
// PasswordManagerClient::PromptUserToChooseCredentials. nullptr in |form|
// means that nothing was chosen. |one_local_credential| is true if there was
// just one local credential to be chosen from.
void OnCredentialsChosen(
const PasswordManagerClient::CredentialsCallback& callback,
bool one_local_credential,
const autofill::PasswordForm* form);
// Common logic for IOSChromePasswordManagerClient and
// ChromePasswordManagerClient implementation of NotifyStorePasswordCalled.
// Calls DropFormManagers on PasswordManager corresponding to the client.
void NotifyStorePasswordCalled();
// Common logic for IOSChromePasswordManagerClient and
// ChromePasswordManagerClient implementation of NotifyUserAutoSignin. After
// calling this helper method both need to show UI in their own way.
void NotifyUserAutoSignin();
// Returns whether it is necessary to prompt user to enable auto sign-in. This
// is the case for first run experience, and only for non-incognito mode.
bool ShouldPromptToEnableAutoSignIn() const;
PasswordManagerClientHelperDelegate* delegate_;
// Set during 'NotifyUserCouldBeAutoSignedIn' in order to store the
// form for potential use during 'NotifySuccessfulLoginWithExistingPassword'.
std::unique_ptr<autofill::PasswordForm> possible_auto_sign_in_;
} // namespace password_manager