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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "components/autofill/core/common/password_form.h"
#include "components/prefs/pref_service.h"
#include "components/sync/driver/sync_service.h"
namespace identity {
class IdentityManager;
namespace password_manager {
namespace sync_util {
// Returns the sync username received from |identity_manager| (if not null).
// Moreover, using |sync_service| (if not null), this function also tries to
// return an empty string if the user isn't syncing passwords, but it is not
// always possible to determine since this code can be called during sync setup
// (
std::string GetSyncUsernameIfSyncingPasswords(
const syncer::SyncService* sync_service,
const identity::IdentityManager* identity_manager);
// Returns true if |form| corresponds to the account specified by
// GetSyncUsernameIfSyncingPasswords. Returns false if
// GetSyncUsernameIfSyncingPasswords does not specify any account.
bool IsSyncAccountCredential(const autofill::PasswordForm& form,
const syncer::SyncService* sync_service,
const identity::IdentityManager* identity_manager);
// If |form| doesn't match GAIA sign-on realm or enterprise-specified password
// protection URL, returns false. Otherwise, return true.
bool ShouldSavePasswordHash(const autofill::PasswordForm& form,
const identity::IdentityManager* identity_manager,
PrefService* prefs);
// If |username| matches sync account.
bool IsSyncAccountEmail(const std::string& username,
const identity::IdentityManager* identity_manager);
// If |signon_realm| matches Gaia signon realm.
bool IsGaiaCredentialPage(const std::string& signon_realm);
// If |form|'s origin matches enterprise login URL or enterprise change password
// URL.
bool ShouldSaveEnterprisePasswordHash(const autofill::PasswordForm& form,
const PrefService& prefs);
} // namespace sync_util
} // namespace password_manager