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Name: Google Cache Invalidation API
Short Name: google-cache-invalidation-api
URL: n/a
Version: unknown
License: Apache 2.0
License File: src/google/cacheinvalidation/COPYING
Security Critical: no
This is the API to talk to the Google Cache Invalidation service, used by the
invalidations consumed by Sync, Enterprise Policy, and other services. It was
previously hosted at
but was merged into the Chromium repository at r342.
2015-07-21: merging client library version 20150720
2015-08-17: merging bug fixes for client library version 20150720
2015-08-19: merging client library version 20150819
2015-08-20: merging additions to client library version 20150819
2015-09-08: merging bug fixes for client library version 20150819