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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module media.mojom;
// An interface that helps proxy part of ContentDecryptionModule (CDM)
// functionalities to a different entity, e.g. hardware CDM modules.
// In general, the interpretation of the method and callback parameters are
// protocol dependent.
// CdmProxy implementation is hosted in the GPU process.
interface CdmProxy {
// See media/cdm/cdm_proxy.h for the following native enums.
enum Status;
enum Protocol;
enum Function;
enum KeyType;
// Initializes the proxy.
// If the proxy created a crypto session, then the ID for the crypto session
// is |crypto_session_id|.
// |cdm_id| can be used to connect the remote media pipeline and CdmProxy.
Initialize(associated CdmProxyClient client) => (Status status,
Protocol protocol,
uint32 crypto_session_id,
int32 cdm_id);
// Processes and updates the state of the proxy.
// |function| specifies what type of function to use.
// |crypto_session_id| is a value returned from Initialize() or
// CreateMediaCryptoSessions().
// |input_data| is the input data to be processed.
// |output_data_size| is the expected size of |output_data|. Some protocols
// require this field in order to determine the size of the output, but some
// may completely ignore it.
// The output data is passed back in |output_data|.
Process(Function function,
uint32 crypto_session_id,
array<uint8> input_data,
uint32 output_data_size) => (Status status,
array<uint8> output_data);
// Creates a crypto session for handling media.
// If extra data has to be passed to further setup the media crypto session,
// pass the data as |input_data|.
// |crypto_session_id| is the ID for the crypto session.
// |output_data| is extra value, if any.
CreateMediaCryptoSession(array<uint8> input_data) => (
Status status, uint32 crypto_session_id, uint64 output_data);
// Sets a key in the proxy.
// |crypto_session_id| is the crypto session for decryption.
// |key_id| is the ID of the key.
// |key_blob| is the opaque key blob for decrypting or decoding.
SetKey(uint32 crypto_session_id, array<uint8> key_id, KeyType key_type,
array<uint8> key_blob) => (Status status);
// Removes a key from the proxy.
// |crypto_session_id| is the crypto session for decryption.
// |key_id| is the ID of the key.
RemoveKey(uint32 crypto_session_id, array<uint8> key_id) => (Status status);
// Client of CdmProxy.
// CdmProxyClient is running in the fully sandboxed CDM (e.g. utility) process.
interface CdmProxyClient {
// Notifies the client that there has been a hardware reset.