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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module ash.mojom;
import "skia/public/interfaces/bitmap.mojom";
// These values match ash::ShelfAlignment.
enum ShelfAlignment { BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, BOTTOM_LOCKED, };
// These values match ash::ShelfAutoHideBehavior.
enum ShelfAutoHideBehavior { ALWAYS, NEVER, HIDDEN, };
// The Shelf controller allows clients (eg. Chrome) to control the ash shelf.
interface ShelfController {
// Observers are immediately notified of the current shelf states when added.
AddObserver(associated ShelfObserver observer);
// Set the shelf alignment and auto-hide behavior. See WmShelf for details.
SetAlignment(ShelfAlignment alignment, int64 display_id);
SetAutoHideBehavior(ShelfAutoHideBehavior auto_hide, int64 display_id);
// Pin and unpin items on the shelf, or update shelf item images.
PinItem(ShelfItem item, associated ShelfItemDelegate delegate);
UnpinItem(string app_id);
SetItemImage(string app_id, skia.mojom.Bitmap image);
// ShelfObserver is notified on shelf changes; used to persist profile settings.
interface ShelfObserver {
OnShelfCreated(int64 display_id);
OnAlignmentChanged(ShelfAlignment alignment, int64 display_id);
OnAutoHideBehaviorChanged(ShelfAutoHideBehavior auto_hide, int64 display_id);
// ShelfItemDelegate handles command execution and observes shelf item changes.
interface ShelfItemDelegate {
// Called when a pinned shelf item is invoked without an open window.
// Called on invocation of a shelf item's context menu command.
ExecuteCommand(uint32 command_id, int32 event_flags);
// Called when a shelf item is pinned or unpinned.
// Called when a pinned shelf item is reordered.
// |order| is the index of the item on the shelf.
ItemReordered(uint32 order);
// ContextMenuItems may be used to supplement ash shelf item context menus.
struct ContextMenuItem {
Type type;
uint32 command_id;
string? label;
array<ContextMenuItem>? submenu;
bool enabled;
bool checked;
uint32 radio_group_id;
// ShelfItem contains the basic fields needed to pin shortcut items.
struct ShelfItem {
// An app id, used to correlate windows and shortcuts (eg. 'mojo:foo').
string app_id;
// A app title, used for tooltips, etc. (eg. 'Foo Application').
string app_title;
// An icon image Bitmap, shown on the shelf.
skia.mojom.Bitmap image;
// Additional context menu items (eg. 'New Incognito Window').
array<ContextMenuItem>? context_menu_items;