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Name: WebP image encoder/decoder
Short Name: libwebp
Version: v1.0.2
License: BSD
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: Yes
Source archive:
WebP is an image format that does both lossy and lossless compression of
digital photographic images. WebP consists of a codec based on VP8, that Google
open-sourced in May 2010 and a container based on RIFF. Webmasters, web
developers and browser developers can use WebP to compress, archive and
distribute digital images more efficiently.
Local changes:
* Removed documentation and build related files
* Disabled the SSE2 version of VerticalUnfilter due to a crash on android
* Pulled in fuzzers from OSS-Fuzz
* Revert 9cf9841b libwebp: Unicode command tools on Windows
* cherry-pick aa65f89a HistogramCombineStochastic: fix free of uninit value