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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "core/frame/csp/CSPSource.h"
#include "core/frame/UseCounter.h"
#include "core/frame/csp/ContentSecurityPolicy.h"
#include "platform/weborigin/KURL.h"
#include "platform/weborigin/KnownPorts.h"
#include "platform/weborigin/SecurityOrigin.h"
#include "wtf/text/WTFString.h"
namespace blink {
CSPSource::CSPSource(ContentSecurityPolicy* policy,
const String& scheme,
const String& host,
int port,
const String& path,
WildcardDisposition hostWildcard,
WildcardDisposition portWildcard)
: m_policy(policy),
m_portWildcard(portWildcard) {}
bool CSPSource::matches(const KURL& url,
ResourceRequest::RedirectStatus redirectStatus) const {
if (!schemeMatches(url))
return false;
if (isSchemeOnly())
return true;
bool pathsMatch =
(redirectStatus == RedirectStatus::FollowedRedirect) || pathMatches(url);
return hostMatches(url) && portMatches(url) && pathsMatch;
bool CSPSource::schemeMatches(const KURL& url) const {
if (m_scheme.isEmpty())
return m_policy->protocolMatchesSelf(url);
if (equalIgnoringCase(m_scheme, "http"))
return equalIgnoringCase(url.protocol(), "http") ||
equalIgnoringCase(url.protocol(), "https");
if (equalIgnoringCase(m_scheme, "ws"))
return equalIgnoringCase(url.protocol(), "ws") ||
equalIgnoringCase(url.protocol(), "wss");
return equalIgnoringCase(url.protocol(), m_scheme);
bool CSPSource::hostMatches(const KURL& url) const {
const String& host =;
Document* document = m_policy->document();
bool match;
bool equalHosts = equalIgnoringCase(host, m_host);
if (m_hostWildcard == HasWildcard) {
match = host.endsWith(String("." + m_host), TextCaseInsensitive);
// Chrome used to, incorrectly, match *.x.y to x.y. This was fixed, but
// the following count measures when a match fails that would have
// passed the old, incorrect style, in case a lot of sites were
// relying on that behavior.
if (document && equalHosts)
} else {
match = equalHosts;
return match;
bool CSPSource::pathMatches(const KURL& url) const {
if (m_path.isEmpty())
return true;
String path = decodeURLEscapeSequences(url.path());
if (m_path.endsWith("/"))
return path.startsWith(m_path);
return path == m_path;
bool CSPSource::portMatches(const KURL& url) const {
if (m_portWildcard == HasWildcard)
return true;
int port = url.port();
if (port == m_port)
return true;
if (m_port == 80 &&
(port == 443 ||
(port == 0 && defaultPortForProtocol(url.protocol()) == 443)))
return true;
if (!port)
return isDefaultPortForProtocol(m_port, url.protocol());
if (!m_port)
return isDefaultPortForProtocol(port, url.protocol());
return false;
bool CSPSource::isSchemeOnly() const {
return m_host.isEmpty();
} // namespace blink