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  2. ByteLengthQueuingStrategy.js
  3. CountQueuingStrategy.js
  6. ReadableStream.js
  7. ReadableStreamController.h
  8. ReadableStreamOperations.cpp
  9. ReadableStreamOperations.h
  10. ReadableStreamOperationsTest.cpp
  11. Stream.cpp
  12. Stream.h
  13. Stream.idl
  14. UnderlyingSourceBase.cpp
  15. UnderlyingSourceBase.h
  16. UnderlyingSourceBase.idl

This directory contains the Blink implementation of the WHATWG Streams standard: There is also a legacy streams implementation.

V8 Extras ReadableStream Implementation

  • ByteLengthQueuingStrategy.js
  • CountQueuingStrategy.js
  • ReadableStream.js
  • ReadableStreamController.h
  • ReadableStreamOperations.{cpp,h}
  • UnderlyingSourceBase.{cpp,h,idl}

These files implement ReadableStream using V8 extras. All new code should use this implementation.

Old streams

  • Stream.{cpp,h,idl}

These files support an old streams spec. They should eventually be removed, but right now XMLHttpRequest and Media Streams Extension code in Blink still depends on them.