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Use these scripts to retrieve and summarize the latest /analyze warnings
from buildbot. Run retrieve_latest_warnings.bat.
For best results you should have a Chromium repo that can be synced to the
state of the tree that produced the latest set of warnings. If you set
ANALYZE_REPO to point at such a repo then after the warnings are retrieved,
summarized, and diffed the repo will be synced appropriately. Once this
process has completed you can investigate the individual warnings. Typical
usage is like this:
> set ANALYZE_REPO=d:\src\analyze_chromium
> retrieve_latests_warnings.bat
For each version that is retrieved three files will be created. The _full.txt
file is the raw results and should usually not be looked at. The _summary.txt
file is a sorted, grouped, and uniqified copy of the results. The _new.txt
file is only created if previous results were found and it contains the diffs.
- analyze0067_full.txt
- analyze0067_summary.txt
- analyze0067_new.txt