Revert "Files app: Select My files when there are no volumes"

This reverts commit 6f65bd26330cf709e4a4c4eb60876de5849f94d5.

Reason for revert: Speculative revert
Suspected of breaking browser_tests, ebui_polymer2_browser_tests, single_process_mash_browser_tests and viz_browser_tests
on Linux ChromiumOS MSan

Note: resolved conflicts with ES6 refactoring, therefore running tests...

Bug: 896219

Original change's description:
> Files app: Select My files when there are no volumes
> Make Files app select "My files" when there are no available volumes,
> this to allow Files app to behave properly when volumes subsequently
> become available.
> Change DirectoryModel.onVolumeInfoListUpdated_ method to check for
> non-null |displayRoot| before trying to change to |displayRoot|. This
> fixes the error "Cannot read property 'getParent' of null" when Drive
> volume becomes available before the (default) Downloads volume/root.
> Change FakeDriveFs to unbind the two mojo bindings if they're bound, so
> DriveFsTestVolume can re-mount itself.
> Changes since revert:
> 1. Add a new function |getVolumesCount| to return the number of volumes
> available in the background page.
> 2. Add the new function above to wait for background page to have all
> volumes before un-mounting and wait it to unmount all volumes.
> 3. Change some logs from error to warn because errors are expected and
> handled when initializing volumes that are unmounting/unmounted in the
> backend.
> 4. Change selector used to click on Drive to actually wait for
> "My Drive" to be available.
> 5. A bit of more info in some logs around volume initialization.
> Test: browser_tests --gtest_filter="*/fileDisplayWithoutVolumesThenMount*"
> Bug: 893161, 884967, 894799
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Bug: 893161, 884967, 894799
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