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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "cc/test/layer_tree_test.h"
#include "cc/trees/clip_node.h"
#include "cc/trees/effect_node.h"
#include "cc/trees/scroll_node.h"
#include "cc/trees/transform_node.h"
#include "components/viz/common/resources/single_release_callback.h"
#include "ui/gl/gl_implementation.h"
class SkBitmap;
namespace gfx {
class ColorSpace;
namespace viz {
class CopyOutputRequest;
class CopyOutputResult;
namespace cc {
class PixelComparator;
class SolidColorLayer;
class TextureLayer;
class LayerTreePixelTest : public LayerTreeTest {
// TODO(sgilhuly): Once the pixel tests are working on skia gl, add the option
// for skia vulkan.
enum PixelTestType {
static std::string TestTypeToString(PixelTestType test_type) {
switch (test_type) {
return "GL";
return "Skia GL";
return "Software";
~LayerTreePixelTest() override;
// LayerTreeTest overrides.
std::unique_ptr<viz::TestLayerTreeFrameSink> CreateLayerTreeFrameSink(
const viz::RendererSettings& renderer_settings,
double refresh_rate,
scoped_refptr<viz::ContextProvider> compositor_context_provider,
scoped_refptr<viz::RasterContextProvider> worker_context_provider)
std::unique_ptr<viz::OutputSurface> CreateDisplayOutputSurfaceOnThread(
scoped_refptr<viz::ContextProvider> compositor_context_provider) override;
virtual std::unique_ptr<viz::CopyOutputRequest> CreateCopyOutputRequest();
void ReadbackResult(std::unique_ptr<viz::CopyOutputResult> result);
void BeginTest() override;
void SetupTree() override;
void AfterTest() override;
void EndTest() override;
void InitializeSettings(LayerTreeSettings* settings) override;
void TryEndTest();
scoped_refptr<SolidColorLayer> CreateSolidColorLayer(const gfx::Rect& rect,
SkColor color);
scoped_refptr<SolidColorLayer> CreateSolidColorLayerWithBorder(
const gfx::Rect& rect,
SkColor color,
int border_width,
SkColor border_color);
// Initializes the root layer and root PropertyTrees for layer list mode.
// In this mode, all other layers are direct children of |root_layer| and
// any property nodes are descendants of node id 1 in the respective trees.
void InitializeForLayerListMode(scoped_refptr<Layer>* root_layer,
PropertyTrees* property_trees);
void RunPixelTest(PixelTestType type,
scoped_refptr<Layer> content_root,
base::FilePath file_name);
void RunPixelTest(PixelTestType type,
scoped_refptr<Layer> content_root,
const SkBitmap& expected_bitmap);
void RunPixelTestWithLayerList(PixelTestType type,
scoped_refptr<Layer> root_layer,
base::FilePath file_name,
PropertyTrees* property_trees);
void RunSingleThreadedPixelTest(PixelTestType test_type,
scoped_refptr<Layer> content_root,
base::FilePath file_name);
void RunPixelTestWithReadbackTarget(PixelTestType type,
scoped_refptr<Layer> content_root,
Layer* target,
base::FilePath file_name);
void SetPixelTestType(PixelTestType test_type) {
test_type_ = test_type;
use_skia_renderer_ = test_type == PIXEL_TEST_SKIA_GL;
SkBitmap CopyMailboxToBitmap(const gfx::Size& size,
const gpu::Mailbox& mailbox,
const gpu::SyncToken& sync_token,
const gfx::ColorSpace& color_space);
void Finish();
// Allow tests to enlarge the backing texture for a non-root render pass, to
// simulate reusing a larger texture from a previous frame for a new
// render pass. This should be called before the output surface is bound.
void set_enlarge_texture_amount(const gfx::Size& enlarge_texture_amount) {
enlarge_texture_amount_ = enlarge_texture_amount;
// Common CSS colors defined for tests to use.
static const SkColor kCSSOrange = 0xffffa500;
static const SkColor kCSSBrown = 0xffa52a2a;
static const SkColor kCSSGreen = 0xff008000;
static const SkColor kCSSBlack = 0xff000000;
gl::DisableNullDrawGLBindings enable_pixel_output_;
std::unique_ptr<PixelComparator> pixel_comparator_;
PixelTestType test_type_;
scoped_refptr<Layer> content_root_;
PropertyTrees* property_trees_;
Layer* readback_target_;
base::FilePath ref_file_;
SkBitmap expected_bitmap_;
std::unique_ptr<SkBitmap> result_bitmap_;
std::vector<scoped_refptr<TextureLayer>> texture_layers_;
int pending_texture_mailbox_callbacks_;
gfx::Size enlarge_texture_amount_;
} // namespace cc