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// Copyright (c) 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef BaselineAlignment_h
#define BaselineAlignment_h
#include "core/layout/LayoutBox.h"
namespace blink {
// These classes are used to implement the Baseline Alignment logica, as
// described in the CSS Box Alignment specification.
// A baseline-sharing group is composed of boxes that participate in
// baseline alignment together. This is possible only if they:
// * Share an alignment context along an axis perpendicular to their
// baseline alignment axis.
// * Have compatible baseline alignment preferences (i.e., the baselines
// that want to align are on the same side of the alignment context).
class BaselineGroup {
void Update(const LayoutBox&, LayoutUnit ascent, LayoutUnit descent);
LayoutUnit MaxAscent() const { return max_ascent_; }
LayoutUnit MaxDescent() const { return max_descent_; }
int size() const { return items_.size(); }
friend class BaselineContext;
BaselineGroup(WritingMode block_flow, ItemPosition child_preference);
bool IsCompatible(WritingMode, ItemPosition) const;
bool IsOppositeBlockFlow(WritingMode block_flow) const;
bool IsOrthogonalBlockFlow(WritingMode block_flow) const;
WritingMode block_flow_;
ItemPosition preference_;
LayoutUnit max_ascent_;
LayoutUnit max_descent_;
HashSet<const LayoutBox*> items_;
// Boxes share an alignment context along a particular axis when they
// are:
// * table cells in the same row, along the table's row (inline) axis
// * table cells in the same column, along the table's column (block)
// axis
// * grid items in the same row, along the grid's row (inline) axis
// * grid items in the same column, along the grid's colum (block) axis
// * flex items in the same flex line, along the flex container's main
// axis
class BaselineContext {
BaselineContext(const LayoutBox& child,
ItemPosition preference,
LayoutUnit ascent,
LayoutUnit descent);
Vector<BaselineGroup>& SharedGroups() { return shared_groups_; }
const BaselineGroup& GetSharedGroup(const LayoutBox& child,
ItemPosition preference) const;
void UpdateSharedGroup(const LayoutBox& child,
ItemPosition preference,
LayoutUnit ascent,
LayoutUnit descent);
// TODO Properly implement baseline-group compatibility
// See
BaselineGroup& FindCompatibleSharedGroup(const LayoutBox& child,
ItemPosition preference);
Vector<BaselineGroup> shared_groups_;
static inline bool IsBaselinePosition(ItemPosition position) {
return position == ItemPosition::kBaseline ||
position == ItemPosition::kLastBaseline;
} // namespace blink
#endif // BaselineContext_h