[css-pseudo] Move LayoutNG marker code to ListMarker

The LayoutNGListItem used to hold some information about the marker:
the kind of marker, whether the marker text was up-to-date, etc.

With the addition of the ::marker pseudo-element, markers have become
independent and are no longer created and destroyed by LayoutNGListItem.
However, this made it more difficult to keep the information in sync.

For example, dynamically applying 'content: none' to a symbol marker
destroys it, but LayoutNGListItem didn't notice that marker_type_ was
supposed to change from kSymbolValue to kStatic. This caused a DCHECK
failure and a null deref in SymbolMarkerLayoutText().

To avoid these problems, this patch moves all the code regarding markers
from LayoutNGListItem to ListMarker. This is a new class that contains
generic methods for the LayoutNG markers (LayoutNGListMarker or

BUG=1043478, 457718


The test fails in legacy since 'content' is not properly supported yet.

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