service worker: Remove dead code around ServiceWorkerResponseInfo.

This CL removes some dead code following the launch of
* OnPrepareToRestart() for navigations which has no callsites.
* ServiceWorkerResponseInfo which was only possibly created in
  ForRequest(), but all callsites now pass |create| = false.

This removes code from ClearSiteDataThrottle which has not been
needed since S13nServiceWorker. The requests directly handled
and responded to by the SW no longer reach
ClearSiteDataThrottle::HandleHeader() at all. Furthermore, when
the network service is enabled, this file will be deleted as
ClearSideDataHandler handles the Clear-Site-Data directive.
The test for this is ClearSiteDataHandlerBrowserTest.ServiceWorker
which still passes before and after this CL.

Bug: 926114
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