Import wpt@90925c90d97732e91ba03c845b9afa7eee727ac4

Using wpt-import in Chromium 175d3c1dcb761ee71e751458604598d22a35601d.
With Chromium commits locally applied on WPT:
bc7ec54895 "MSE: Test addSourceBuffer and changeType relaxed type strictness and allowance for implicit changeType"
250461b340 "Worker: Register a service worker just once for worker subresource interception tests"
1e9c7b68de "[Client hints] Enable ACHL persistence in content shell, refactor tests"
9c7e72528f "Add slotting for toast action buttons, alongside test scaffolding for future action testing."
19f78e3e93 "Reland: [shapedetection] Add some shapedetection tests"
2d2a3ba4ba "Cross-scheme initiator should result in `Sec-Fetch-Site: cross-site`."
7a754c3195 "Have containValues check array lengths"
4b4c32b4f9 "Revert "Reland: [shapedetection] Add some shapedetection tests""

Note to sheriffs: This CL imports external tests and adds
expectations for those tests; if this CL is large and causes
a few new failures, please fix the failures by adding new
lines to TestExpectations rather than reverting. See:


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