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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module ash.mojom;
// An action handler state.
enum TrayActionState {
// The action cannot be handled - due to no client being set, the client not
// supporting the action, user session not being locked etc.
// The client supports the action and is not currently handling the action.
// The client received the request for the action and it is launching the
// flow to handle it.
// The client is currently handling the action.
// The user action that triggered a request for a new note.
// Used in histograms - should be kept in sync with
// NewLockScreenNoteRequestType histogram enum, and assigned values should
// never be changed.
enum LockScreenNoteOrigin {
// The note request originated from the new note button in the system
// tray - note that this UI element is deprecated.
kTrayAction = 0,
// The user tapped the note action button shown on the lock screen.
kLockScreenButtonTap = 1,
// The user swiped from the note action button shown on the lock screen.
kLockScreenButtonSwipe = 2,
// The user activated the lock screen button shown on the lock screen using
// the keyboard.
kLockScreenButtonKeyboard = 3,
// The user ejected the stylus tool from the device.
kStylusEject = 4,
// Reason for closing a lock screen note, and consequentially closing any
// existing note handler app windows.
// Used primarily for metrics reporting.
// IMPORTANT: The values should be kept in sync with
// LockScreenNoteTakingExitReason histogram enum, and assigned values should
// never be changed.
enum CloseLockScreenNoteReason {
// The user session was unlocked.
kSessionUnlock = 0,
// The user session was shut down (e.g. due to user sign-out).
kShutdown = 1,
// The user display was completely dimmed (e.g. due to user inactivity).
kScreenDimmed = 2,
// Device suspended.
kSuspend = 3,
// The app window associated with the note was closed by the app.
kAppWindowClosed = 4,
// The note taking app's support for the lock screen note taking was disabled
// (e.g. because of a policy update).
kAppLockScreenSupportDisabled = 5,
// The user pressed "Unlock" button on the lock screen UI.
kUnlockButtonPressed = 6,
// Used by a client (e.g. Chrome) to set up a handler for a tray action, and
// notify ash on the action handler's state changes. A tray action is one of
// predefined actions (currently only the "new note on lock screen" action is
// supported) that appear as an ash status area button if the client declares
// the action as available. Clicking the button invokes a client method that
// requests the action associated with the button to be handled.
interface TrayAction {
// Sets the client to be used to handle action requests.
// |lock_screen_note_state|: The current lock screen note action state
// associated with the client.
SetClient(TrayActionClient client, TrayActionState lock_screen_note_state);
// Updates action state for the lock screen note action. If called with no
// client set, the state change will not take effect until a client is set.
// Null client is equivalent to kNotAvailable state.
UpdateLockScreenNoteState(TrayActionState state);
// Used by ash to request Chrome to handle an action.
interface TrayActionClient {
// Requests a lock screen note action to be handled.
RequestNewLockScreenNote(LockScreenNoteOrigin origin);
// Closes lock screen note.
CloseLockScreenNote(CloseLockScreenNoteReason reason);