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// Content was automatically extracted by Reffy into reffy-reports
// (
// Source: Content Security Policy Level 3 (
enum SecurityPolicyViolationEventDisposition {
"enforce", "report"
[Constructor(DOMString type, optional SecurityPolicyViolationEventInit eventInitDict),
interface SecurityPolicyViolationEvent : Event {
readonly attribute USVString documentURL;
readonly attribute USVString documentURI; // historical alias of documentURL
readonly attribute USVString referrer;
readonly attribute USVString blockedURL;
readonly attribute USVString blockedURI; // historical alias of blockedURL
readonly attribute DOMString effectiveDirective;
readonly attribute DOMString violatedDirective; // historical alias of effectiveDirective
readonly attribute DOMString originalPolicy;
readonly attribute USVString sourceFile;
readonly attribute DOMString sample;
readonly attribute SecurityPolicyViolationEventDisposition disposition;
readonly attribute unsigned short statusCode;
readonly attribute unsigned long lineno;
readonly attribute unsigned long lineNumber; // historical alias of lineno
readonly attribute unsigned long colno;
readonly attribute unsigned long columnNumber; // historical alias of colno
dictionary SecurityPolicyViolationEventInit : EventInit {
required USVString documentURL;
USVString referrer = "";
USVString blockedURL = "";
required DOMString effectiveDirective;
required DOMString originalPolicy;
USVString sourceFile = "";
DOMString sample = "";
required SecurityPolicyViolationEventDisposition disposition;
required unsigned short statusCode;
unsigned long lineno = 0;
unsigned long colno = 0;