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// Content of this file was automatically extracted from the
// "DOM Standard" spec.
// See:
[Constructor(DOMString type, optional EventInit eventInitDict),
interface Event {
readonly attribute DOMString type;
readonly attribute EventTarget? target;
readonly attribute EventTarget? srcElement; // historical
readonly attribute EventTarget? currentTarget;
sequence<EventTarget> composedPath();
const unsigned short NONE = 0;
const unsigned short CAPTURING_PHASE = 1;
const unsigned short AT_TARGET = 2;
const unsigned short BUBBLING_PHASE = 3;
readonly attribute unsigned short eventPhase;
void stopPropagation();
attribute boolean cancelBubble; // historical alias of .stopPropagation
void stopImmediatePropagation();
readonly attribute boolean bubbles;
readonly attribute boolean cancelable;
attribute boolean returnValue; // historical
void preventDefault();
readonly attribute boolean defaultPrevented;
readonly attribute boolean composed;
[Unforgeable] readonly attribute boolean isTrusted;
readonly attribute DOMHighResTimeStamp timeStamp;
void initEvent(DOMString type, optional boolean bubbles = false, optional boolean cancelable = false); // historical
dictionary EventInit {
boolean bubbles = false;
boolean cancelable = false;
boolean composed = false;
partial interface Window {
[Replaceable] readonly attribute any event; // historical
[Constructor(DOMString type, optional CustomEventInit eventInitDict),
interface CustomEvent : Event {
readonly attribute any detail;
void initCustomEvent(DOMString type, optional boolean bubbles = false, optional boolean cancelable = false, optional any detail = null);
dictionary CustomEventInit : EventInit {
any detail = null;
interface EventTarget {
void addEventListener(DOMString type, EventListener? callback, optional (AddEventListenerOptions or boolean) options);
void removeEventListener(DOMString type, EventListener? callback, optional (EventListenerOptions or boolean) options);
boolean dispatchEvent(Event event);
callback interface EventListener {
void handleEvent(Event event);
dictionary EventListenerOptions {
boolean capture = false;
dictionary AddEventListenerOptions : EventListenerOptions {
boolean passive = false;
boolean once = false;
interface AbortController {
[SameObject] readonly attribute AbortSignal signal;
void abort();
interface AbortSignal : EventTarget {
readonly attribute boolean aborted;
attribute EventHandler onabort;
interface mixin NonElementParentNode {
Element? getElementById(DOMString elementId);
Document includes NonElementParentNode;
DocumentFragment includes NonElementParentNode;
interface mixin DocumentOrShadowRoot {
Document includes DocumentOrShadowRoot;
ShadowRoot includes DocumentOrShadowRoot;
interface mixin ParentNode {
[SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection children;
readonly attribute Element? firstElementChild;
readonly attribute Element? lastElementChild;
readonly attribute unsigned long childElementCount;
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void prepend((Node or DOMString)... nodes);
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void append((Node or DOMString)... nodes);
Element? querySelector(DOMString selectors);
[NewObject] NodeList querySelectorAll(DOMString selectors);
Document includes ParentNode;
DocumentFragment includes ParentNode;
Element includes ParentNode;
interface mixin NonDocumentTypeChildNode {
readonly attribute Element? previousElementSibling;
readonly attribute Element? nextElementSibling;
Element includes NonDocumentTypeChildNode;
CharacterData includes NonDocumentTypeChildNode;
interface mixin ChildNode {
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void before((Node or DOMString)... nodes);
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void after((Node or DOMString)... nodes);
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void replaceWith((Node or DOMString)... nodes);
[CEReactions, Unscopable] void remove();
DocumentType includes ChildNode;
Element includes ChildNode;
CharacterData includes ChildNode;
interface mixin Slotable {
readonly attribute HTMLSlotElement? assignedSlot;
Element includes Slotable;
Text includes Slotable;
interface NodeList {
getter Node? item(unsigned long index);
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
// iterable<Node>;
[Exposed=Window, LegacyUnenumerableNamedProperties]
interface HTMLCollection {
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
getter Element? item(unsigned long index);
getter Element? namedItem(DOMString name);
[Constructor(MutationCallback callback),
interface MutationObserver {
void observe(Node target, optional MutationObserverInit options);
void disconnect();
sequence<MutationRecord> takeRecords();
callback MutationCallback = void (sequence<MutationRecord> mutations, MutationObserver observer);
dictionary MutationObserverInit {
boolean childList = false;
boolean attributes;
boolean characterData;
boolean subtree = false;
boolean attributeOldValue;
boolean characterDataOldValue;
sequence<DOMString> attributeFilter;
interface MutationRecord {
readonly attribute DOMString type;
[SameObject] readonly attribute Node target;
[SameObject] readonly attribute NodeList addedNodes;
[SameObject] readonly attribute NodeList removedNodes;
readonly attribute Node? previousSibling;
readonly attribute Node? nextSibling;
readonly attribute DOMString? attributeName;
readonly attribute DOMString? attributeNamespace;
readonly attribute DOMString? oldValue;
interface Node : EventTarget {
const unsigned short ELEMENT_NODE = 1;
const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2;
const unsigned short TEXT_NODE = 3;
const unsigned short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4;
const unsigned short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5; // historical
const unsigned short ENTITY_NODE = 6; // historical
const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7;
const unsigned short COMMENT_NODE = 8;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11;
const unsigned short NOTATION_NODE = 12; // historical
readonly attribute unsigned short nodeType;
readonly attribute DOMString nodeName;
readonly attribute USVString baseURI;
readonly attribute boolean isConnected;
readonly attribute Document? ownerDocument;
Node getRootNode(optional GetRootNodeOptions options);
readonly attribute Node? parentNode;
readonly attribute Element? parentElement;
boolean hasChildNodes();
[SameObject] readonly attribute NodeList childNodes;
readonly attribute Node? firstChild;
readonly attribute Node? lastChild;
readonly attribute Node? previousSibling;
readonly attribute Node? nextSibling;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString? nodeValue;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString? textContent;
[CEReactions] void normalize();
[CEReactions, NewObject] Node cloneNode(optional boolean deep = false);
boolean isEqualNode(Node? otherNode);
boolean isSameNode(Node? otherNode); // historical alias of ===
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_DISCONNECTED = 0x01;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_PRECEDING = 0x02;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_FOLLOWING = 0x04;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINS = 0x08;
const unsigned short DOCUMENT_POSITION_CONTAINED_BY = 0x10;
unsigned short compareDocumentPosition(Node other);
boolean contains(Node? other);
DOMString? lookupPrefix(DOMString? namespace);
DOMString? lookupNamespaceURI(DOMString? prefix);
boolean isDefaultNamespace(DOMString? namespace);
[CEReactions] Node insertBefore(Node node, Node? child);
[CEReactions] Node appendChild(Node node);
[CEReactions] Node replaceChild(Node node, Node child);
[CEReactions] Node removeChild(Node child);
dictionary GetRootNodeOptions {
boolean composed = false;
interface Document : Node {
[SameObject] readonly attribute DOMImplementation implementation;
readonly attribute USVString URL;
readonly attribute USVString documentURI;
readonly attribute USVString origin;
readonly attribute DOMString compatMode;
readonly attribute DOMString characterSet;
readonly attribute DOMString charset; // historical alias of .characterSet
readonly attribute DOMString inputEncoding; // historical alias of .characterSet
readonly attribute DOMString contentType;
readonly attribute DocumentType? doctype;
readonly attribute Element? documentElement;
HTMLCollection getElementsByTagName(DOMString qualifiedName);
HTMLCollection getElementsByTagNameNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
HTMLCollection getElementsByClassName(DOMString classNames);
[CEReactions, NewObject] Element createElement(DOMString localName, optional (DOMString or ElementCreationOptions) options);
[CEReactions, NewObject] Element createElementNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString qualifiedName, optional (DOMString or ElementCreationOptions) options);
[NewObject] DocumentFragment createDocumentFragment();
[NewObject] Text createTextNode(DOMString data);
[NewObject] CDATASection createCDATASection(DOMString data);
[NewObject] Comment createComment(DOMString data);
[NewObject] ProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction(DOMString target, DOMString data);
[CEReactions, NewObject] Node importNode(Node node, optional boolean deep = false);
[CEReactions] Node adoptNode(Node node);
[NewObject] Attr createAttribute(DOMString localName);
[NewObject] Attr createAttributeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString qualifiedName);
[NewObject] Event createEvent(DOMString interface);
[NewObject] Range createRange();
// NodeFilter.SHOW_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF
[NewObject] NodeIterator createNodeIterator(Node root, optional unsigned long whatToShow = 0xFFFFFFFF, optional NodeFilter? filter = null);
[NewObject] TreeWalker createTreeWalker(Node root, optional unsigned long whatToShow = 0xFFFFFFFF, optional NodeFilter? filter = null);
interface XMLDocument : Document {};
dictionary ElementCreationOptions {
DOMString is;
interface DOMImplementation {
[NewObject] DocumentType createDocumentType(DOMString qualifiedName, DOMString publicId, DOMString systemId);
[NewObject] XMLDocument createDocument(DOMString? namespace, [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] DOMString qualifiedName, optional DocumentType? doctype = null);
[NewObject] Document createHTMLDocument(optional DOMString title);
boolean hasFeature(); // useless; always returns true
interface DocumentType : Node {
readonly attribute DOMString name;
readonly attribute DOMString publicId;
readonly attribute DOMString systemId;
interface DocumentFragment : Node {
interface ShadowRoot : DocumentFragment {
readonly attribute ShadowRootMode mode;
readonly attribute Element host;
enum ShadowRootMode { "open", "closed" };
interface Element : Node {
readonly attribute DOMString? namespaceURI;
readonly attribute DOMString? prefix;
readonly attribute DOMString localName;
readonly attribute DOMString tagName;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString id;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString className;
[SameObject, PutForwards=value] readonly attribute DOMTokenList classList;
[CEReactions, Unscopable] attribute DOMString slot;
boolean hasAttributes();
[SameObject] readonly attribute NamedNodeMap attributes;
sequence<DOMString> getAttributeNames();
DOMString? getAttribute(DOMString qualifiedName);
DOMString? getAttributeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
[CEReactions] void setAttribute(DOMString qualifiedName, DOMString value);
[CEReactions] void setAttributeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString qualifiedName, DOMString value);
[CEReactions] void removeAttribute(DOMString qualifiedName);
[CEReactions] void removeAttributeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
[CEReactions] boolean toggleAttribute(DOMString qualifiedName, optional boolean force);
boolean hasAttribute(DOMString qualifiedName);
boolean hasAttributeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
Attr? getAttributeNode(DOMString qualifiedName);
Attr? getAttributeNodeNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
[CEReactions] Attr? setAttributeNode(Attr attr);
[CEReactions] Attr? setAttributeNodeNS(Attr attr);
[CEReactions] Attr removeAttributeNode(Attr attr);
ShadowRoot attachShadow(ShadowRootInit init);
readonly attribute ShadowRoot? shadowRoot;
Element? closest(DOMString selectors);
boolean matches(DOMString selectors);
boolean webkitMatchesSelector(DOMString selectors); // historical alias of .matches
HTMLCollection getElementsByTagName(DOMString qualifiedName);
HTMLCollection getElementsByTagNameNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
HTMLCollection getElementsByClassName(DOMString classNames);
[CEReactions] Element? insertAdjacentElement(DOMString where, Element element); // historical
void insertAdjacentText(DOMString where, DOMString data); // historical
dictionary ShadowRootInit {
required ShadowRootMode mode;
interface NamedNodeMap {
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
getter Attr? item(unsigned long index);
getter Attr? getNamedItem(DOMString qualifiedName);
Attr? getNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
[CEReactions] Attr? setNamedItem(Attr attr);
[CEReactions] Attr? setNamedItemNS(Attr attr);
[CEReactions] Attr removeNamedItem(DOMString qualifiedName);
[CEReactions] Attr removeNamedItemNS(DOMString? namespace, DOMString localName);
interface Attr : Node {
readonly attribute DOMString? namespaceURI;
readonly attribute DOMString? prefix;
readonly attribute DOMString localName;
readonly attribute DOMString name;
[CEReactions] attribute DOMString value;
readonly attribute Element? ownerElement;
readonly attribute boolean specified; // useless; always returns true
interface CharacterData : Node {
attribute [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] DOMString data;
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
DOMString substringData(unsigned long offset, unsigned long count);
void appendData(DOMString data);
void insertData(unsigned long offset, DOMString data);
void deleteData(unsigned long offset, unsigned long count);
void replaceData(unsigned long offset, unsigned long count, DOMString data);
[Constructor(optional DOMString data = ""),
interface Text : CharacterData {
[NewObject] Text splitText(unsigned long offset);
readonly attribute DOMString wholeText;
interface CDATASection : Text {
interface ProcessingInstruction : CharacterData {
readonly attribute DOMString target;
[Constructor(optional DOMString data = ""),
interface Comment : CharacterData {
interface AbstractRange {
readonly attribute Node startContainer;
readonly attribute unsigned long startOffset;
readonly attribute Node endContainer;
readonly attribute unsigned long endOffset;
readonly attribute boolean collapsed;
interface StaticRange : AbstractRange {
interface Range : AbstractRange {
readonly attribute Node commonAncestorContainer;
void setStart(Node node, unsigned long offset);
void setEnd(Node node, unsigned long offset);
void setStartBefore(Node node);
void setStartAfter(Node node);
void setEndBefore(Node node);
void setEndAfter(Node node);
void collapse(optional boolean toStart = false);
void selectNode(Node node);
void selectNodeContents(Node node);
const unsigned short START_TO_START = 0;
const unsigned short START_TO_END = 1;
const unsigned short END_TO_END = 2;
const unsigned short END_TO_START = 3;
short compareBoundaryPoints(unsigned short how, Range sourceRange);
[CEReactions] void deleteContents();
[CEReactions, NewObject] DocumentFragment extractContents();
[CEReactions, NewObject] DocumentFragment cloneContents();
[CEReactions] void insertNode(Node node);
[CEReactions] void surroundContents(Node newParent);
[NewObject] Range cloneRange();
void detach();
boolean isPointInRange(Node node, unsigned long offset);
short comparePoint(Node node, unsigned long offset);
boolean intersectsNode(Node node);
interface NodeIterator {
[SameObject] readonly attribute Node root;
readonly attribute Node referenceNode;
readonly attribute boolean pointerBeforeReferenceNode;
readonly attribute unsigned long whatToShow;
readonly attribute NodeFilter? filter;
Node? nextNode();
Node? previousNode();
void detach();
interface TreeWalker {
[SameObject] readonly attribute Node root;
readonly attribute unsigned long whatToShow;
readonly attribute NodeFilter? filter;
attribute Node currentNode;
Node? parentNode();
Node? firstChild();
Node? lastChild();
Node? previousSibling();
Node? nextSibling();
Node? previousNode();
Node? nextNode();
callback interface NodeFilter {
// Constants for acceptNode()
const unsigned short FILTER_ACCEPT = 1;
const unsigned short FILTER_REJECT = 2;
const unsigned short FILTER_SKIP = 3;
// Constants for whatToShow
const unsigned long SHOW_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF;
const unsigned long SHOW_ELEMENT = 0x1;
const unsigned long SHOW_ATTRIBUTE = 0x2;
const unsigned long SHOW_TEXT = 0x4;
const unsigned long SHOW_CDATA_SECTION = 0x8;
const unsigned long SHOW_ENTITY_REFERENCE = 0x10; // historical
const unsigned long SHOW_ENTITY = 0x20; // historical
const unsigned long SHOW_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION = 0x40;
const unsigned long SHOW_COMMENT = 0x80;
const unsigned long SHOW_DOCUMENT = 0x100;
const unsigned long SHOW_DOCUMENT_TYPE = 0x200;
const unsigned long SHOW_DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT = 0x400;
const unsigned long SHOW_NOTATION = 0x800; // historical
unsigned short acceptNode(Node node);
interface DOMTokenList {
readonly attribute unsigned long length;
getter DOMString? item(unsigned long index);
boolean contains(DOMString token);
[CEReactions] void add(DOMString... tokens);
[CEReactions] void remove(DOMString... tokens);
[CEReactions] boolean toggle(DOMString token, optional boolean force);
[CEReactions] boolean replace(DOMString token, DOMString newToken);
boolean supports(DOMString token);
[CEReactions] stringifier attribute DOMString value;
// iterable<DOMString>;