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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/oauth2_token_service.h"
#include "net/base/backoff_entry.h"
#include "net/base/network_change_notifier.h"
class Profile;
class SigninManager;
extern const char kForceSigninVerificationMetricsName[];
extern const char kForceSigninVerificationSuccessTimeMetricsName[];
extern const char kForceSigninVerificationFailureTimeMetricsName[];
// ForceSigninVerifier will verify profile's auth token when profile is loaded
// into memory by the first time via gaia server. It will retry on any transient
// error.
class ForceSigninVerifier
: public OAuth2TokenService::Consumer,
public net::NetworkChangeNotifier::NetworkChangeObserver {
explicit ForceSigninVerifier(Profile* profile);
~ForceSigninVerifier() override;
// override OAuth2TokenService::Consumer
void OnGetTokenSuccess(const OAuth2TokenService::Request* request,
const std::string& access_token,
const base::Time& expiration_time) override;
void OnGetTokenFailure(const OAuth2TokenService::Request* request,
const GoogleServiceAuthError& error) override;
// override net::NetworkChangeNotifier::NetworkChangeObserver
void OnNetworkChanged(
net::NetworkChangeNotifier::ConnectionType type) override;
// Cancel any pending or ongoing verification.
void Cancel();
// Return the value of |has_token_verified_|.
bool HasTokenBeenVerified();
// Send the token verification request. The request will be sent only if
// - The token has never been verified before.
// - There is no on going verification.
// - There is network connection.
// - The profile has signed in.
void SendRequest();
virtual bool ShouldSendRequest();
virtual void CloseAllBrowserWindows();
OAuth2TokenService::Request* GetRequestForTesting();
net::BackoffEntry* GetBackoffEntryForTesting();
base::OneShotTimer* GetOneShotTimerForTesting();
std::unique_ptr<OAuth2TokenService::Request> access_token_request_;
// Indicates whether the verification is finished successfully or with a
// persistent error.
bool has_token_verified_;
net::BackoffEntry backoff_entry_;
base::OneShotTimer backoff_request_timer_;
base::TimeTicks creation_time_;
OAuth2TokenService* oauth2_token_service_;
SigninManager* signin_manager_;