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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/detachable_base/detachable_base_pairing_status.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/scoped_observer.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/hammerd/hammerd_client.h"
#include "chromeos/dbus/power/power_manager_client.h"
#include "components/account_id/account_id.h"
class PrefRegistrySimple;
class PrefService;
namespace ash {
class DetachableBaseObserver;
struct UserInfo;
// Keeps track of the state of Chrome OS device's detachable base. It tracks
// whether:
// * a detachable base is paired, and authenticated
// * Detachable base is considered paired when hammerd connects Chrome OS
// with the base
// * During pairing, hammerd will issue a challenge to the detachable base
// to verify its identity. The base is authenticated if the challenge
// succeeds. If the pairing challenge fails, the base might still work,
// but it will not be identifiable.
// * the paired base requires a firmware update
// This information is used to detect when a detachable base related
// notification should be shown to the user.
// Note that this does not track active/existing users, but it provides methods
// to set and retrive per user state to and from local state - the
// DetachableBaseHandler clients are expected to determine for which users the
// detachable base state should be set or retrieved.
class ASH_EXPORT DetachableBaseHandler
: public chromeos::HammerdClient::Observer,
public chromeos::PowerManagerClient::Observer {
// |local_state| - PrefService of Local state. May be null in tests.
explicit DetachableBaseHandler(PrefService* local_state);
~DetachableBaseHandler() override;
// Registers the local state prefs for detachable base devices.
static void RegisterPrefs(PrefRegistrySimple* registry);
void AddObserver(DetachableBaseObserver* observer);
void RemoveObserver(DetachableBaseObserver* observer);
// Removes the detachable base data associated with a user from local state.
void RemoveUserData(const UserInfo& user);
// Gets the detachable base pairing state.
DetachableBasePairingStatus GetPairingStatus() const;
// Whether the paired base matches the last base used by the user.
// Returns true only if the base has kAuthenticated pairing state.
// If this the user has not previously used any detachable bases (i.e. the
// last used detachable base is empty), this will return true.
bool PairedBaseMatchesLastUsedByUser(const UserInfo& user) const;
// Sets the currently paired base as the last used base for the user.
// If the user is not ephemeral, the last used base information will be
// persisted in the local state.
// No-op if a detachable base is not currently paired and authenticated.
// Returns whether the base state was successfully updated.
// Note that this will fail for non-ephemeral users if |local_state_| is not
// yet initialized. Observers will be notified that pairing status
// changed when local state is initialized (provided a base is still
// paired) - setting the last used base can be retried at that point.
bool SetPairedBaseAsLastUsedByUser(const UserInfo& user);
// chromeos::HammerdClient::Observer:
void BaseFirmwareUpdateNeeded() override;
void BaseFirmwareUpdateStarted() override;
void BaseFirmwareUpdateSucceeded() override;
void BaseFirmwareUpdateFailed() override;
void PairChallengeSucceeded(const std::vector<uint8_t>& base_id) override;
void PairChallengeFailed() override;
void InvalidBaseConnected() override;
// chromeos::PowerManagerClient::Observer:
void TabletModeEventReceived(chromeos::PowerManagerClient::TabletMode mode,
const base::TimeTicks& timestamp) override;
// Identifier for a detachable base device - HEX encoded string created from
// data passed to PairChallengeSucceeded. It's known only if the base was
// successfully authenticated.
using DetachableBaseId = std::string;
// Callback for getting initial power manager switches - used to determine
// whether the tablet mode is on when the DetachableBaseHandler is created.
void OnGotPowerManagerSwitchStates(
base::Optional<chromeos::PowerManagerClient::SwitchStates> switch_states);
// Updates the tracked tablet mode state, and notifies observers about pairing
// status change if required.
void UpdateTabletMode(chromeos::PowerManagerClient::TabletMode mode);
// Retrieves the last known base used by a user. Returns an empty string if
// a detachable base usage was not previously recorded for the user.
DetachableBaseId GetLastUsedDeviceForUser(const UserInfo& user) const;
// Notifies observers that the detachable base pairing state has changed.
void NotifyPairingStatusChanged();
// Notifies observers about whether the detachable base requires a firmware
// update.
void NotifyBaseRequiresFirmwareUpdate(bool requires_update);
PrefService* local_state_ = nullptr;
// Tablet mode state currently reported by power manager - tablet mode getting
// turned on is used as a signal that the base is detached.
base::Optional<chromeos::PowerManagerClient::TabletMode> tablet_mode_;
// The HEX encoded ID of the authenticated paired base device. This will
// be non empty iff pairing_status_ is kAuthenticated.
DetachableBaseId authenticated_base_id_;
// The paired base device pairing status.
DetachableBasePairingStatus pairing_status_ =
ScopedObserver<chromeos::HammerdClient, chromeos::HammerdClient::Observer>
// In-memory map from a user account ID to last used device set for user using
// SetPairedBaseAsLastUsedByUser().
// Used for ephemeral users.
std::map<AccountId, DetachableBaseId> last_used_devices_;
base::ObserverList<DetachableBaseObserver>::Unchecked observers_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<DetachableBaseHandler> weak_ptr_factory_{this};
} // namespace ash