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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/login_status.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/session/session_observer.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/shelf_types.h"
#include "ash/shelf/shelf_component.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget.h"
namespace aura {
class Window;
namespace ash {
class BloomTray;
class DictationButtonTray;
class HoldingSpaceTray;
class ImeMenuTray;
class LogoutButtonTray;
class MediaTray;
class OverviewButtonTray;
class PaletteTray;
class PhoneHubTray;
class SelectToSpeakTray;
class Shelf;
class StatusAreaOverflowButtonTray;
class StatusAreaWidgetDelegate;
class StopRecordingButtonTray;
class TrayBackgroundView;
class UnifiedSystemTray;
class VirtualKeyboardTray;
// Widget showing the system tray, notification tray, and other tray views in
// the bottom-right of the screen. Exists separately from ShelfView/ShelfWidget
// so that it can be shown in cases where the rest of the shelf is hidden (e.g.
// on secondary monitors at the login screen).
class ASH_EXPORT StatusAreaWidget : public SessionObserver,
public ShelfComponent,
public views::Widget {
// Whether the status area is collapsed or expanded. Currently, this is only
// applicable in in-app tablet mode. Otherwise the state is NOT_COLLAPSIBLE.
enum class CollapseState { NOT_COLLAPSIBLE, COLLAPSED, EXPANDED };
class ScopedTrayBubbleCounter {
explicit ScopedTrayBubbleCounter(StatusAreaWidget* status_area_widget);
base::WeakPtr<StatusAreaWidget> status_area_widget_;
StatusAreaWidget(aura::Window* status_container, Shelf* shelf);
~StatusAreaWidget() override;
// Returns the status area widget for the display that |window| is on.
static StatusAreaWidget* ForWindow(aura::Window* window);
// Creates the child tray views, initializes them, and shows the widget. Not
// part of the constructor because some child views call back into this object
// during construction.
void Initialize();
// Called by the client when the login status changes. Caches login_status
// and calls UpdateAfterLoginStatusChange for the system tray and the web
// notification tray.
void UpdateAfterLoginStatusChange(LoginStatus login_status);
// Updates the collapse state of the status area after the state of the shelf
// changes.
void UpdateCollapseState();
// Logs the number of visible status area item pods. Called after the a pod
// changes visibility.
void LogVisiblePodCountMetric();
// SessionObserver:
void OnSessionStateChanged(session_manager::SessionState state) override;
// ShelfComponent:
void CalculateTargetBounds() override;
gfx::Rect GetTargetBounds() const override;
void UpdateLayout(bool animate) override;
void UpdateTargetBoundsForGesture(int shelf_position) override;
// Called by shelf layout manager when a locale change has been detected.
void HandleLocaleChange();
// Sets system tray visibility. Shows or hides widget if needed.
void SetSystemTrayVisibility(bool visible);
// Get the tray button that the system tray bubble and the notification center
// bubble will be anchored. Usually |unified_system_tray_|, but when the
// overview button is visible (i.e. tablet mode is enabled), it returns
// |overview_button_tray_|.
TrayBackgroundView* GetSystemTrayAnchor() const;
// Called by media tray to calculate anchor rect.
gfx::Rect GetMediaTrayAnchorRect() const;
StatusAreaWidgetDelegate* status_area_widget_delegate() {
return status_area_widget_delegate_;
UnifiedSystemTray* unified_system_tray() {
return unified_system_tray_.get();
DictationButtonTray* dictation_button_tray() {
return dictation_button_tray_.get();
MediaTray* media_tray() { return media_tray_.get(); }
StatusAreaOverflowButtonTray* overflow_button_tray() {
return overflow_button_tray_.get();
OverviewButtonTray* overview_button_tray() {
return overview_button_tray_.get();
PaletteTray* palette_tray() { return palette_tray_.get(); }
StopRecordingButtonTray* stop_recording_button_tray() {
return stop_recording_button_tray_.get();
ImeMenuTray* ime_menu_tray() { return ime_menu_tray_.get(); }
HoldingSpaceTray* holding_space_tray() { return holding_space_tray_.get(); }
PhoneHubTray* phone_hub_tray() { return phone_hub_tray_.get(); }
SelectToSpeakTray* select_to_speak_tray() {
return select_to_speak_tray_.get();
Shelf* shelf() { return shelf_; }
const std::vector<TrayBackgroundView*>& tray_buttons() const {
return tray_buttons_;
LoginStatus login_status() const { return login_status_; }
// Returns true if the shelf should be visible. This is used when the
// shelf is configured to auto-hide and test if the shelf should force
// the shelf to remain visible.
bool ShouldShowShelf() const;
// True if any message bubble is shown.
bool IsMessageBubbleShown() const;
// Notifies child trays, and the |status_area_widget_delegate_| to schedule a
// paint.
void SchedulePaint();
// Overridden from views::Widget:
bool OnNativeWidgetActivationChanged(bool active) override;
// TODO(jamescook): Introduce a test API instead of these methods.
LogoutButtonTray* logout_button_tray_for_testing() {
return logout_button_tray_.get();
VirtualKeyboardTray* virtual_keyboard_tray_for_testing() {
return virtual_keyboard_tray_.get();
BloomTray* bloom_tray_for_testing() { return bloom_tray_.get(); }
CollapseState collapse_state() const { return collapse_state_; }
void set_collapse_state_for_test(CollapseState state) {
collapse_state_ = state;
friend class MediaTrayTest;
struct LayoutInputs {
gfx::Rect bounds;
CollapseState collapse_state = CollapseState::NOT_COLLAPSIBLE;
float opacity = 0.0f;
// Each bit keep track of one child's visibility.
unsigned int child_visibility_bitmask = 0;
// Indicates whether animation is allowed.
bool should_animate = true;
// |should_animate| does not affect the status area widget's target
// layout. So it is not taken into consideration when comparing LayoutInputs
// instances.
bool operator==(const LayoutInputs& other) const {
return bounds == other.bounds && collapse_state == other.collapse_state &&
opacity == other.opacity &&
child_visibility_bitmask == other.child_visibility_bitmask;
// Collects the inputs for layout.
LayoutInputs GetLayoutInputs() const;
// The set of inputs that impact this widget's layout. The assumption is that
// this widget needs a relayout if, and only if, one or more of these has
// changed.
base::Optional<LayoutInputs> layout_inputs_;
// views::Widget:
void OnMouseEvent(ui::MouseEvent* event) override;
void OnGestureEvent(ui::GestureEvent* event) override;
void OnScrollEvent(ui::ScrollEvent* event) override;
// Adds a new tray button to the status area.
void AddTrayButton(TrayBackgroundView* tray_button);
// Called when in the collapsed state to calculate and update the visibility
// of each tray button.
void CalculateButtonVisibilityForCollapsedState();
// Calculates and returns the appropriate collapse state depending on
// current conditions.
CollapseState CalculateCollapseState() const;
StatusAreaWidgetDelegate* status_area_widget_delegate_;
std::unique_ptr<StatusAreaOverflowButtonTray> overflow_button_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<OverviewButtonTray> overview_button_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<DictationButtonTray> dictation_button_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<MediaTray> media_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<UnifiedSystemTray> unified_system_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<LogoutButtonTray> logout_button_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<PaletteTray> palette_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<PhoneHubTray> phone_hub_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<StopRecordingButtonTray> stop_recording_button_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<VirtualKeyboardTray> virtual_keyboard_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<BloomTray> bloom_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<ImeMenuTray> ime_menu_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<SelectToSpeakTray> select_to_speak_tray_;
std::unique_ptr<HoldingSpaceTray> holding_space_tray_;
// Vector of the tray buttons above. The ordering is used to determine which
// tray buttons are hidden when they overflow the available width.
std::vector<TrayBackgroundView*> tray_buttons_;
LoginStatus login_status_ = LoginStatus::NOT_LOGGED_IN;
CollapseState collapse_state_ = CollapseState::NOT_COLLAPSIBLE;
gfx::Rect target_bounds_;
Shelf* shelf_;
bool initialized_ = false;
// Number of active tray bubbles on the display where status area widget
// lives.
int tray_bubble_count_ = 0;
base::WeakPtrFactory<StatusAreaWidget> weak_ptr_factory_{this};
} // namespace ash