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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "components/signin/public/identity_manager/load_credentials_state.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/gaia_auth_util.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/google_service_auth_error.h"
#include "google_apis/gaia/oauth2_access_token_manager.h"
#include "net/base/backoff_entry.h"
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
#include "base/android/jni_android.h"
namespace network {
class SharedURLLoaderFactory;
class OAuth2AccessTokenFetcher;
class OAuth2AccessTokenConsumer;
class ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceObserver;
class ProfileOAuth2TokenService;
// Abstract base class to fetch and maintain refresh tokens from various
// entities. Concrete subclasses should implement RefreshTokenIsAvailable and
// CreateAccessTokenFetcher properly.
class ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceDelegate {
virtual ~ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceDelegate();
virtual std::unique_ptr<OAuth2AccessTokenFetcher> CreateAccessTokenFetcher(
const CoreAccountId& account_id,
scoped_refptr<network::SharedURLLoaderFactory> url_loader_factory,
OAuth2AccessTokenConsumer* consumer) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT = 0;
// Returns |true| if a refresh token is available for |account_id|, and
// |false| otherwise.
// Note: Implementations must make sure that |RefreshTokenIsAvailable| returns
// |true| if and only if |account_id| is contained in the list of accounts
// returned by |GetAccounts|.
virtual bool RefreshTokenIsAvailable(
const CoreAccountId& account_id) const = 0;
virtual GoogleServiceAuthError GetAuthError(
const CoreAccountId& account_id) const;
virtual void UpdateAuthError(const CoreAccountId& account_id,
const GoogleServiceAuthError& error) {}
// Returns a list of accounts for which a refresh token is maintained by
// |this| instance.
// Note: If tokens have not been fully loaded yet, an empty list is returned.
// Also, see |RefreshTokenIsAvailable|.
virtual std::vector<CoreAccountId> GetAccounts() const;
virtual void RevokeAllCredentials() {}
virtual void OnAccessTokenInvalidated(
const CoreAccountId& account_id,
const std::string& client_id,
const OAuth2AccessTokenManager::ScopeSet& scopes,
const std::string& access_token) {}
// If refresh token is accessible (on Desktop) sets error for it to
// INVALID_GAIA_CREDENTIALS and notifies the observers. Otherwise
// does nothing.
virtual void InvalidateTokenForMultilogin(
const CoreAccountId& failed_account) {}
virtual void Shutdown() {}
virtual void UpdateCredentials(const CoreAccountId& account_id,
const std::string& refresh_token) {}
virtual void RevokeCredentials(const CoreAccountId& account_id) {}
virtual scoped_refptr<network::SharedURLLoaderFactory> GetURLLoaderFactory()
// Returns refresh token if the platform allows it (on Desktop) and if it is
// available and doesn't have error. Otherwise returns empty string (for iOS
// and Android).
virtual std::string GetTokenForMultilogin(
const CoreAccountId& account_id) const;
bool ValidateAccountId(const CoreAccountId& account_id) const;
// Add or remove observers of this token service.
void AddObserver(ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceObserver* observer);
void RemoveObserver(ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceObserver* observer);
// Returns a pointer to its instance of net::BackoffEntry if it has one, or
// a nullptr otherwise.
virtual const net::BackoffEntry* BackoffEntry() const;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Methods that are only used by ProfileOAuth2TokenService.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// Loads the credentials from disk. Called only once when the token service
// is initialized. Default implementation is NOTREACHED - subsclasses that
// are used by the ProfileOAuth2TokenService must provide an implementation
// for this method.
virtual void LoadCredentials(const CoreAccountId& primary_account_id);
// Returns the state of the load credentials operation.
signin::LoadCredentialsState load_credentials_state() const {
return load_credentials_state_;
// Removes the credentials associated to account_id from the internal storage,
// and moves them to |to_service|. The credentials are not revoked on the
// server, but the OnRefreshTokenRevoked() notification is sent to the
// observers.
virtual void ExtractCredentials(ProfileOAuth2TokenService* to_service,
const CoreAccountId& account_id);
// Attempts to fix the error if possible. Returns true if the error was fixed
// and false otherwise.
virtual bool FixRequestErrorIfPossible();
#if defined(OS_IOS)
// Triggers platform specific implementation for iOS to reload all accounts
// from system.
virtual void ReloadAllAccountsFromSystem() {}
// Triggers platform specific implementation for iOS to add a given account
// to the token service from a system account.
virtual void ReloadAccountFromSystem(const CoreAccountId& account_id) {}
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Returns a reference to the corresponding Java object.
virtual base::android::ScopedJavaLocalRef<jobject> GetJavaObject() = 0;
// Triggers platform specific implementation for Android to reload accounts
// from system.
virtual void ReloadAccountsFromSystem(
const CoreAccountId& primary_account_id) {}
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// End of methods that are only used by ProfileOAuth2TokenService
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
void set_load_credentials_state(signin::LoadCredentialsState state) {
load_credentials_state_ = state;
// Called by subclasses to notify observers.
void FireRefreshTokenAvailable(const CoreAccountId& account_id);
void FireRefreshTokenRevoked(const CoreAccountId& account_id);
// FireRefreshTokensLoaded is virtual and overridden in android implementation
// where additional actions are required.
virtual void FireRefreshTokensLoaded();
void FireAuthErrorChanged(const CoreAccountId& account_id,
const GoogleServiceAuthError& error);
// Helper class to scope batch changes.
class ScopedBatchChange {
explicit ScopedBatchChange(ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceDelegate* delegate);
ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceDelegate* delegate_; // Weak.
// List of observers to notify when refresh token availability changes.
// Makes sure list is empty on destruction.
base::ObserverList<ProfileOAuth2TokenServiceObserver, true>::Unchecked
// The state of the load credentials operation.
signin::LoadCredentialsState load_credentials_state_ =
void StartBatchChanges();
void EndBatchChanges();
// The depth of batch changes.
int batch_change_depth_;