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Name: Alliance for Open Media Video Codec
Short Name: libaom
Version: 0
Date: Monday November 26 2018
Branch: m72
Commit: 67223a304e098da309776bac253456f75f613fc2
License: BSD
License File: source/libaom/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Provides tools for:
- creating AV1 bitstreams for storage and transmission.
- decoding AV1 bitstreams for display.
Please follow these steps to update libaom source code:
1. Update the code: \
-r <libaom OWNER> \
--log-limit 20 \
--roll-to <libaom hash> \
Use the generated commit message for the roll.
2. Generate the config files:
# See prerequisites in file comments.
This will also update this file with the new revision.
Local Modifications: