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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vulkan/vulkan.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// In order to make small changes backwards compatible, all structs passed from
// android to chromium are versioned.
// 1 is Android Q. This matches kAwDrawGLInfoVersion version 3.
static const int kAwDrawFnVersion = 1;
struct AwDrawFn_OnSyncParams {
int version;
bool apply_force_dark;
struct AwDrawFn_DrawGLParams {
int version;
// Input: current clip rect in surface coordinates. Reflects the current state
// of the OpenGL scissor rect. Both the OpenGL scissor rect and viewport are
// set by the caller of the draw function and updated during View animations.
int clip_left;
int clip_top;
int clip_right;
int clip_bottom;
// Input: current width/height of destination surface.
int width;
int height;
// Input: is the View rendered into an independent layer.
// If false, the surface is likely to hold to the full screen contents, with
// the scissor box set by the caller to the actual View location and size.
// Also the transformation matrix will contain at least a translation to the
// position of the View to render, plus any other transformations required as
// part of any ongoing View animation. View translucency (alpha) is ignored,
// although the framework will set is_layer to true for non-opaque cases.
// Can be requested via the View.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_NONE, ...)
// Android API method.
// If true, the surface is dedicated to the View and should have its size.
// The viewport and scissor box are set by the caller to the whole surface.
// Animation transformations are handled by the caller and not reflected in
// the provided transformation matrix. Translucency works normally.
// Can be requested via the View.setLayerType(View.LAYER_TYPE_HARDWARE, ...)
// Android API method.
bool is_layer;
// Input: current transformation matrix in surface pixels.
// Uses the column-based OpenGL matrix format.
float transform[16];
struct AwDrawFn_InitVkParams {
int version;
VkInstance instance;
VkPhysicalDevice physical_device;
VkDevice device;
VkQueue queue;
uint32_t graphics_queue_index;
uint32_t instance_version;
const char* const* enabled_instance_extension_names;
uint32_t enabled_instance_extension_names_length;
const char* const* enabled_device_extension_names;
uint32_t enabled_device_extension_names_length;
// Only one of device_features and device_features_2 should be non-null.
// If both are null then no features are enabled.
VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures* device_features;
VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures2* device_features_2;
struct AwDrawFn_DrawVkParams {
int version;
// Input: current width/height of destination surface.
int width;
int height;
// Input: is the render target a FBO
bool is_layer;
// Input: current transform matrix
float transform[16];
// Input WebView should do its main compositing draws into this. It cannot do
// anything that would require stopping the render pass.
VkCommandBuffer secondary_command_buffer;
// Input: The main color attachment index where secondary_command_buffer will
// eventually be submitted.
uint32_t color_attachment_index;
// Input: A render pass which will be compatible to the one which the
// secondary_command_buffer will be submitted into.
VkRenderPass compatible_render_pass;
// Input: Format of the destination surface.
VkFormat format;
// Input: Color space parameters.
float transfer_function_g;
float transfer_function_a;
float transfer_function_b;
float transfer_function_c;
float transfer_function_d;
float transfer_function_e;
float transfer_function_f;
float color_space_matrix[9];
// Input: current clip rect
int clip_left;
int clip_top;
int clip_right;
int clip_bottom;
struct AwDrawFn_PostDrawVkParams {
int version;
// Called on render thread while UI thread is blocked. Called for both GL and
// VK.
typedef void AwDrawFn_OnSync(int functor,
void* data,
AwDrawFn_OnSyncParams* params);
// Called on render thread when either the context is destroyed _or_ when the
// functor's last reference goes away. Will always be called with an active
// context. Called for both GL and VK.
typedef void AwDrawFn_OnContextDestroyed(int functor, void* data);
// Called on render thread when the last reference to the handle goes away and
// the handle is considered irrevocably destroyed. Will always be preceded by
// a call to OnContextDestroyed if this functor had ever been drawn. Called for
// both GL and VK.
typedef void AwDrawFn_OnDestroyed(int functor, void* data);
// Only called for GL.
typedef void AwDrawFn_DrawGL(int functor,
void* data,
AwDrawFn_DrawGLParams* params);
// Initialize vulkan state. Needs to be called again after any
// OnContextDestroyed. Only called for Vulkan.
typedef void AwDrawFn_InitVk(int functor,
void* data,
AwDrawFn_InitVkParams* params);
// Only called for Vulkan.
typedef void AwDrawFn_DrawVk(int functor,
void* data,
AwDrawFn_DrawVkParams* params);
// Only called for Vulkan.
typedef void AwDrawFn_PostDrawVk(int functor,
void* data,
AwDrawFn_PostDrawVkParams* params);
struct AwDrawFnFunctorCallbacks {
// No version here since this is passed from chromium to android.
AwDrawFn_OnSync* on_sync;
AwDrawFn_OnContextDestroyed* on_context_destroyed;
AwDrawFn_OnDestroyed* on_destroyed;
AwDrawFn_DrawGL* draw_gl;
AwDrawFn_InitVk* init_vk;
AwDrawFn_DrawVk* draw_vk;
AwDrawFn_PostDrawVk* post_draw_vk;
enum AwDrawFnRenderMode {
// Get the render mode. Result is static for the process.
typedef AwDrawFnRenderMode AwDrawFn_QueryRenderMode(void);
// Create a functor. |functor_callbacks| should be valid until OnDestroyed.
typedef int AwDrawFn_CreateFunctor(void* data,
AwDrawFnFunctorCallbacks* functor_callbacks);
// May be called on any thread to signal that the functor should be destroyed.
// The functor will receive an onDestroyed when the last usage of it is
// released, and it should be considered alive & active until that point.
typedef void AwDrawFn_ReleaseFunctor(int functor);
struct AwDrawFnFunctionTable {
int version;
AwDrawFn_QueryRenderMode* query_render_mode;
AwDrawFn_CreateFunctor* create_functor;
AwDrawFn_ReleaseFunctor* release_functor;
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"