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To run OpenGL ES 2.0 conformance tests, do the following:
(These require access to Google-internal sources.)
1. Generate build files:
"python build/gyp_chromium gpu/gles2_conform_support/gles2_conform_test.gyp"
or set "GYP_DEFINES=internal_gles2_conform_tests=1" and rebuild your
projects using your standard method. Example:
"GYP_DEFINES=internal_gles2_conform_tests=1 gclient runhooks"
"gn args out/gn" and add the config
"internal_gles2_conform_tests = true"
2. Build any of the two targets:
- gles2_conform_test_angle which tests ANGLE
- gles2_conform_test_native which tests command-buffer service
- gles2_conform_test_windowless which tests command-buffer service on most platforms
- gles2_conform_test_pepper will be added later
3. Run the targets as: "<path to>gles2_conform_test_native -noimagefileio
-run=<path to>third_party\gles2_conform\GTF_ES\glsl\GTF\"