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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <objc/objc-class.h>
#include <utility>
#include "ui/events/keycodes/dom/dom_key.h"
#include "ui/events/keycodes/keyboard_codes.h"
namespace cocoa_test_event_utils {
// Converts |window_point| in |window| coordinates (origin at bottom left of
// window frame) to a point in global display coordinates for a CGEvent (origin
// at top left of primary screen).
CGPoint ScreenPointFromWindow(NSPoint window_point, NSWindow* window);
// Converts |event| to an NSEvent with a timestamp from ui::EventTimeForNow(),
// and attaches |window| to it.
NSEvent* AttachWindowToCGEvent(CGEventRef event, NSWindow* window);
// Create synthetic mouse events for testing. Currently these are very
// basic, flesh out as needed. Points are all in window coordinates;
// where the window is not specified, coordinate system is undefined
// (but will be repeated when the event is queried).
NSEvent* MouseEventAtPoint(NSPoint point, NSEventType type,
NSUInteger modifiers);
NSEvent* MouseEventWithType(NSEventType type, NSUInteger modifiers);
NSEvent* MouseEventAtPointInWindow(NSPoint point,
NSEventType type,
NSWindow* window,
NSUInteger clickCount);
NSEvent* RightMouseDownAtPoint(NSPoint point);
NSEvent* RightMouseDownAtPointInWindow(NSPoint point, NSWindow* window);
NSEvent* LeftMouseDownAtPoint(NSPoint point);
NSEvent* LeftMouseDownAtPointInWindow(NSPoint point, NSWindow* window);
// Return a mouse down and an up event with the given |clickCount| at
// |view|'s midpoint.
std::pair<NSEvent*, NSEvent*> MouseClickInView(NSView* view,
NSUInteger clickCount);
// Return a right mouse down and an up event with the given |clickCount| at
// |view|'s midpoint.
std::pair<NSEvent*, NSEvent*> RightMouseClickInView(NSView* view,
NSUInteger clickCount);
// Creates a test scroll event. |has_precise_deltas| determines the value of
// -[NSEvent hasPreciseScrollingDeltas] - usually NO for a mouse wheel and YES
// for a trackpad. If |window| is nil, |location| is assumed to be AppKit screen
// coordinates (origin in bottom left of primary screen).
NSEvent* TestScrollEvent(NSPoint location,
NSWindow* window,
CGFloat delta_x,
CGFloat delta_y,
bool has_precise_deltas,
NSEventPhase event_phase,
NSEventPhase momentum_phase);
// Returns a key event with the given character.
NSEvent* KeyEventWithCharacter(unichar c);
// Returns a key event with the given type and modifier flags.
NSEvent* KeyEventWithType(NSEventType event_type, NSUInteger modifiers);
// Returns a key event with the given key code, type, and modifier flags.
NSEvent* KeyEventWithKeyCode(unsigned short key_code,
unichar c,
NSEventType event_type,
NSUInteger modifiers);
// Returns a key event for pressing or releasing a modifier key (aka
// NSFlagsChanged). For example |key_code| == kVK_Shift with (|modifiers| &
// NSShiftKeyMask) != 0 means Shift is pressed and |key_code| == kVK_Shift
// with (|modifiers| & NSShiftKeyMask) == 0 means Shift is released.
NSEvent* KeyEventWithModifierOnly(unsigned short key_code,
NSUInteger modifiers);
// Returns a mouse enter event.
NSEvent* EnterEvent();
// Returns a mouse exit event.
NSEvent* ExitEvent();
// Return an "other" event with the given type.
NSEvent* OtherEventWithType(NSEventType event_type);
// Time interval since system startup. Tests shouldn't rely on this.
NSTimeInterval TimeIntervalSinceSystemStartup();
// Creates a key event in a particular window.
NSEvent* SynthesizeKeyEvent(NSWindow* window,
bool keyDown,
ui::KeyboardCode keycode,
NSUInteger flags,
ui::DomKey dom_key = ui::DomKey::NONE);
} // namespace cocoa_test_event_utils