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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/output/begin_frame_args.h"
#include "base/debug/trace_event_argument.h"
#include "ui/gfx/frame_time.h"
namespace cc {
: frame_time(base::TimeTicks()),
interval(base::TimeDelta::FromMicroseconds(-1)) {
BeginFrameArgs::BeginFrameArgs(base::TimeTicks frame_time,
base::TimeTicks deadline,
base::TimeDelta interval)
: frame_time(frame_time),
BeginFrameArgs BeginFrameArgs::Create(base::TimeTicks frame_time,
base::TimeTicks deadline,
base::TimeDelta interval) {
return BeginFrameArgs(frame_time, deadline, interval);
scoped_refptr<base::debug::ConvertableToTraceFormat> BeginFrameArgs::AsValue()
const {
scoped_refptr<base::debug::TracedValue> state =
new base::debug::TracedValue();
return state;
void BeginFrameArgs::AsValueInto(base::debug::TracedValue* state) const {
state->SetString("type", "BeginFrameArgs");
state->SetDouble("frame_time_us", frame_time.ToInternalValue());
state->SetDouble("deadline_us", deadline.ToInternalValue());
state->SetDouble("interval_us", interval.InMicroseconds());
BeginFrameArgs BeginFrameArgs::CreateForSynchronousCompositor(
base::TimeTicks now) {
// For WebView/SynchronousCompositor, we always want to draw immediately,
// so we set the deadline to 0 and guess that the interval is 16 milliseconds.
if (now.is_null())
now = gfx::FrameTime::Now();
return BeginFrameArgs(now, base::TimeTicks(), DefaultInterval());
// This is a hard-coded deadline adjustment that assumes 60Hz, to be used in
// cases where a good estimated draw time is not known. Using 1/3 of the vsync
// as the default adjustment gives the Browser the last 1/3 of a frame to
// produce output, the Renderer Impl thread the middle 1/3 of a frame to produce
// ouput, and the Renderer Main thread the first 1/3 of a frame to produce
// output.
base::TimeDelta BeginFrameArgs::DefaultEstimatedParentDrawTime() {
return base::TimeDelta::FromMicroseconds(16666 / 3);
base::TimeDelta BeginFrameArgs::DefaultInterval() {
return base::TimeDelta::FromMicroseconds(16666);
base::TimeDelta BeginFrameArgs::DefaultRetroactiveBeginFramePeriod() {
return base::TimeDelta::FromMicroseconds(4444);
} // namespace cc