Reverting this revert, since it does not seem to have caused the breakage.

Revert 114399 - Reverting half the checkins that are suspected of breaking the world.

Revert 114382 - Don't display spelling options in "Language Settings" pref panel on OS X

We're removing Hunspell integration in favor of only using the native OS spell checker on OS X, see for more details.

This CL modifieds the "Languages and Settings..." preference pane to remove options related to spelling on the Mac.

Specific changes:
* In .grd file: don't include spelling-related strings on Mac.
* Fixed description for IDS_OPTIONS_SETTINGS_USE_THIS_FOR_SPELL_CHECKING in .grd file to not mention ChromeOS.
* In "Under the Hood" changed button title that opens Languages pref panel to just "Language Settings..." on Mac rather than "Languages and spell-checker Settings..."
* In the Language settings panel - remove the right pane and bottom checkbox on the Mac (these relate to dictionary download and spell checking).
* Change the background color of the language list pane to white on Mac.

You can see before/after screenshots of this change here: .

TEST="Preferences->Under the hood" should have a "Languages and Spell-checker Settings..." button on non-Mac platforms and the subsequent pref pane should not be modified by this CL. On Mac, the button should be titled "Language Settings..." and the panel that opens should lack the right pane and only contain options to pick and re-order languages - it should not contain options related to spell checking.

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