Import wpt@ac4274136e9a034628a3a469890c8e37babbc902

Using wpt-import in Chromium ca6fe49cee5878b633e2c4db369badee65d0ce26.
With Chromium commits locally applied on WPT:
8bb5e943be "Add WPT to verify that 1XX responses are used to provide responseStart timing"
618e62b560 "Align resource timing buffer full processing to spec PR 168 (take 3)"
1c633d483b "Snap the snapped_dest_rect for backgrounds"
6b1262920a "lazy-load: Increase timeout value to reduce flakes"

Note to sheriffs: This CL imports external tests and adds
expectations for those tests; if this CL is large and causes
a few new failures, please fix the failures by adding new
lines to TestExpectations rather than reverting. See:


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