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- README file for the LCOV galaxy mapping tool -
- Last changes: 2003-09-04 -
Further README contents
1. Included files
2. Installing
3. Notes and Comments
1. Important files
CHANGES - List of changes between releases - Replacement file - Generates shading - Generates info for shading from .info files - Replacement file - updates to postscript - Replacement file - generates a final ps file
2. Installing
This install requires fcgp, which means the target kernel src must be on
the system creating the map.
Download and copy the new files into the fcgp directory, (Note: its always
a good idea to have backups).
Run against your kernel info files
./ > coverage.dat
Run the make command for the fcgp (Note: this can take a while)
make KERNEL_DIR=/usr/src/linux
Update as needed, normally page size, margins, titles.
Most of these settings will be broken out as command line options in the future.
Run this will generate the file
3. Notes and Comments
This is a quick and dirty implementation suited for my needs. It does not
perform any of the tiling the original did.