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#ifndef sun_java_typedefs_md_h___
#define sun_java_typedefs_md_h___
#include "prtypes.h"
#include "nspr_md.h"
/* Some platforms need this to define int32_t */
#include <sys/bitypes.h>
#ifndef HAVE_INT16_T
typedef int16 int16_t;
#ifndef HAVE_INT32_T
typedef int32 int32_t;
#ifndef HAVE_UINT16_T
typedef uint16 uint16_t;
#ifndef _UINT32_T
#define _UINT32_T
typedef uint32 uint32_t;
typedef prword_t uintVP_t; /* unsigned that is same size as a void pointer */
#if defined(HAVE_INT64) && !defined(HAVE_INT64_T)
typedef int64 int64_t;
#if !defined(HAVE_INT64) && defined(HAVE_INT64_T)
** On BSDI, for some reason, they define long long's for these types
** even though they aren't actually 64 bits wide!
#define int64_t int64
#ifndef HAVE_UINT_T
#ifndef XP_MAC
typedef unsigned int uint_t;
/* we have to push/pop to avoid breaking existing projects that
** have "treat warnings as errors" on. This is two, two, TWO hacks in one! (pinkerton)
#pragma warning_errors off
typedef unsigned long uint_t; /* this is already declared in OpenTransport.h, but we don't want to drag in
all the other defines present there. This is a bad solution, but the
least bad given the alternatives. */
#endif /* __OPENTRANSPORT__ */
#pragma warning_errors reset
#if defined(XP_WIN)
typedef long int32_t;
#endif /* sun_java_typedefs_md_h___ */