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#ifndef __EPMANAGER_H__
#define __EPMANAGER_H__
#include "npapi.h"
#include "npupp.h"
typedef NPError (__stdcall * NP_GETENTRYPOINTS) (NPPluginFuncs* pFuncs);
typedef NPError (__stdcall * NP_INITIALIZE) (NPNetscapeFuncs* pFuncs);
typedef NPError (__stdcall * NP_SHUTDOWN) (void);
struct InstanceList
InstanceList * next;
NPP instance;
InstanceList(NPP _instance);
struct PluginEntryPointList
PluginEntryPointList * next;
char mimetype[80];
InstanceList * instances;
NPPluginFuncs realNPPFuncs;
NP_SHUTDOWN realShutdown;
class NPPEntryPointManager
PluginEntryPointList * mEntryPoints;
void createEntryPointsForPlugin(char * mimetype, NPPluginFuncs * funcs, NP_SHUTDOWN shutdownproc, XP_HLIB hLib);
void removeEntryPointsForPlugin(NPP instance, XP_HLIB * lib);
NPPluginFuncs * findEntryPointsForPlugin(char * mimetype);
NPPluginFuncs * findEntryPointsForInstance(NPP instance);
void callNP_Shutdown(NPP instance);
void callNP_ShutdownAll();
NPError callNPP_New(NPMIMEType pluginType, NPP instance, uint16 mode, int16 argc, char* argn[], char* argv[], NPSavedData* saved);
NPError callNPP_Destroy(NPP instance, NPSavedData** save, BOOL * last);
NPError callNPP_SetWindow(NPP instance, NPWindow* window);
NPError callNPP_NewStream(NPP instance, NPMIMEType type, NPStream* stream, NPBool seekable, uint16* stype);
NPError callNPP_DestroyStream(NPP instance, NPStream* stream, NPReason reason);
int32 callNPP_WriteReady(NPP instance, NPStream* stream);
int32 callNPP_Write(NPP instance, NPStream* stream, int32 offset, int32 len, void* buffer);
void callNPP_StreamAsFile(NPP instance, NPStream* stream, const char* fname);
void callNPP_Print(NPP instance, NPPrint* platformPrint);
void callNPP_URLNotify(NPP instance, const char* url, NPReason reason, void* notifyData);
jref callNPP_GetJavaClass(void);
NPError callNPP_GetValue(NPP instance, NPPVariable variable, void *value);
NPError callNPP_SetValue(NPP instance, NPNVariable variable, void *value);
int16 callNPP_HandleEvent(NPP instance, void* event);