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#ifndef _LOGGER_H__
#define __LOGGER_H__
#include "npupp.h"
#include "format.h"
#include "logfile.h"
#define DEFAULT_LOG_FILE_NAME "spylog.txt"
class Logger
BOOL bMutedAll;
BOOL bToWindow;
BOOL bToConsole;
BOOL bToFile;
BOOL bOnTop;
BOOL bSPALID; //ShutdownPluginAfterLastInstanceDestroyed
// as opposed to 'only when NS asks to'
CLogFile filer;
BOOL bSaveSettings;
char szFile[_MAX_PATH];
// 37 is the total number of API calls
// (NPN_* and NPP_* only, NPP_Initialize and NPP_Shutdown not included)
BOOL init();
void shut();
// platform dependent virtuals
virtual BOOL platformInit() = 0;
virtual void platformShut() = 0;
virtual void dumpStringToMainWindow(const std::string& string) = 0;
void setOnTop(BOOL ontop);
void setToFile(BOOL tofile, char * filename);
BOOL * getMutedCalls();
void setMutedCalls(BOOL * mutedcalls);
BOOL isMuted(NPAPI_Action action);
void logNS_NP_GetEntryPoints();
void logNS_NP_Initialize();
void logNS_NP_Shutdown();
void logSPY_NP_GetEntryPoints(NPPluginFuncs * pNPPFuncs);
void logSPY_NP_Initialize();
void logSPY_NP_Shutdown(char * mimetype);
void logMessage(const char *msg);
void logCall(NPAPI_Action action, DWORD dw1 = 0L, DWORD dw2 = 0L,
DWORD dw3 = 0L, DWORD dw4 = 0L, DWORD dw5 = 0L, DWORD dw6 = 0L, DWORD dw7 = 0L);
void logReturn(NPAPI_Action action, DWORD dwRet = 0L);
Logger * NewLogger();
void DeleteLogger(Logger * logger);