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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "views/controls/button/text_button.h"
#include "views/controls/tabbed_pane/tabbed_pane_listener.h"
#include "views/examples/example_base.h"
namespace views {
class TabbedPane;
namespace examples {
// A TabbedPane example tests adding/removing/selecting tabs.
class TabbedPaneExample : public ExampleBase,
public views::ButtonListener,
public views::TabbedPaneListener {
explicit TabbedPaneExample(ExamplesMain* main);
virtual ~TabbedPaneExample();
// ExampleBase:
virtual std::wstring GetExampleTitle() OVERRIDE;
virtual void CreateExampleView(views::View* container) OVERRIDE;
// views::ButtonListener:
virtual void ButtonPressed(views::Button* sender,
const views::Event& event) OVERRIDE;
// views::TabbedPaneListener:
virtual void TabSelectedAt(int index) OVERRIDE;
// Print the status of the tab in the status area.
void PrintStatus();
void AddButton(const std::wstring& label);
// The tabbed pane to be tested.
views::TabbedPane* tabbed_pane_;
// Control buttons to add, remove or select tabs.
views::Button* add_;
views::Button* add_at_;
views::Button* remove_at_;
views::Button* select_at_;
} // namespace examples