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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/system/brightness/unified_brightness_slider_controller.h"
#include "ash/shell.h"
#include "ash/system/brightness/unified_brightness_view.h"
#include "ash/system/brightness_control_delegate.h"
#include "ash/system/unified/unified_system_tray_model.h"
namespace ash {
namespace {
// We don't let the screen brightness go lower than this when it's being
// adjusted via the slider. Otherwise, if the user doesn't know about the
// brightness keys, they may turn the backlight off and not know how to turn it
// back on.
constexpr double kMinBrightnessPercent = 5.0;
} // namespace
UnifiedSystemTrayModel* model)
: model_(model) {}
UnifiedBrightnessSliderController::~UnifiedBrightnessSliderController() =
views::View* UnifiedBrightnessSliderController::CreateView() {
slider_ = new UnifiedBrightnessView(this, model_);
return slider_;
void UnifiedBrightnessSliderController::ButtonPressed(views::Button* sender,
const ui::Event& event) {
// The button in is UnifiedBrightnessView is no-op.
void UnifiedBrightnessSliderController::SliderValueChanged(
views::Slider* sender,
float value,
float old_value,
views::SliderChangeReason reason) {
if (reason != views::VALUE_CHANGED_BY_USER)
BrightnessControlDelegate* brightness_control_delegate =
if (!brightness_control_delegate)
double percent = value * 100.;
// If previous percentage and current percentage are both below the minimum,
// we don't update the actual brightness.
if (percent < kMinBrightnessPercent &&
previous_percent_ < kMinBrightnessPercent) {
// We have to store previous manually set value because |old_value| might be
// set by UnifiedSystemTrayModel::Observer.
previous_percent_ = percent;
percent = std::max(kMinBrightnessPercent, percent);
brightness_control_delegate->SetBrightnessPercent(percent, true);
} // namespace ash