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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "skia/ext/platform_device.h"
#include "skia/ext/refptr.h"
namespace skia {
// A device is basically a wrapper around SkBitmap that provides a surface for
// SkCanvas to draw into. Our device provides a surface Windows can also write
// to. BitmapPlatformDevice creates a bitmap using CreateDIBSection() in a
// format that Skia supports and can then use this to draw ClearType into, etc.
// This pixel data is provided to the bitmap that the device contains so that it
// can be shared.
// The GDI bitmap created for drawing is actually owned by a
// PlatformBitmapPixelRef, and stored in an SkBitmap via the normal skia
// SkPixelRef refcounting mechanism. In this way, the GDI bitmap can outlive
// the device created to draw into it. So it is safe to call accessBitmap() on
// the device, and retain the returned SkBitmap.
class SK_API BitmapPlatformDevice : public SkBitmapDevice, public PlatformDevice {
// Factory function. is_opaque should be set if the caller knows the bitmap
// will be completely opaque and allows some optimizations.
// The |shared_section| parameter is optional (pass NULL for default
// behavior). If |shared_section| is non-null, then it must be a handle to a
// file-mapping object returned by CreateFileMapping. See CreateDIBSection
// for details. If |shared_section| is null, the bitmap backing store is not
// initialized.
static BitmapPlatformDevice* Create(int width, int height,
bool is_opaque, HANDLE shared_section,
bool do_clear = false);
// Create a BitmapPlatformDevice with no shared section. The bitmap is not
// initialized to 0.
static BitmapPlatformDevice* Create(int width, int height, bool is_opaque);
virtual ~BitmapPlatformDevice();
// PlatformDevice overrides
// Retrieves the bitmap DC, which is the memory DC for our bitmap data. The
// bitmap DC is lazy created.
virtual PlatformSurface BeginPlatformPaint() override;
virtual void EndPlatformPaint() override;
// Loads the given transform and clipping region into the HDC. This is
// overridden from SkBaseDevice.
virtual void setMatrixClip(const SkMatrix& transform, const SkRegion& region,
const SkClipStack&) override;
void DrawToHDC(HDC dc, int x, int y, const RECT* src_rect) override;
// Flushes the Windows device context so that the pixel data can be accessed
// directly by Skia. Overridden from SkBaseDevice, this is called when Skia
// starts accessing pixel data.
virtual const SkBitmap& onAccessBitmap() override;
virtual SkBaseDevice* onCreateCompatibleDevice(const CreateInfo& info)
// Private constructor.
BitmapPlatformDevice(HBITMAP hbitmap, const SkBitmap& bitmap);
// Bitmap into which the drawing will be done. This bitmap not owned by this
// class, but by the BitmapPlatformPixelRef inside the device's SkBitmap.
// It's only stored here in order to lazy-create the DC (below).
HBITMAP hbitmap_;
// Previous bitmap held by the DC. This will be selected back before the
// DC is destroyed.
HBITMAP old_hbitmap_;
// Lazily-created DC used to draw into the bitmap; see GetBitmapDC().
HDC hdc_;
// True when there is a transform or clip that has not been set to the
// context. The context is retrieved for every text operation, and the
// transform and clip do not change as much. We can save time by not loading
// the clip and transform for every one.
bool config_dirty_;
// Translation assigned to the context: we need to keep track of this
// separately so it can be updated even if the context isn't created yet.
SkMatrix transform_;
// The current clipping region.
SkRegion clip_region_;
// Create/destroy hdc_, which is the memory DC for our bitmap data.
HDC GetBitmapDC();
void ReleaseBitmapDC();
bool IsBitmapDCCreated() const;
// Sets the transform and clip operations. This will not update the DC,
// but will mark the config as dirty. The next call of LoadConfig will
// pick up these changes.
void SetMatrixClip(const SkMatrix& transform, const SkRegion& region);
// Loads the current transform and clip into the context. Can be called even
// when |hbitmap_| is NULL (will be a NOP).
void LoadConfig();
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
int begin_paint_count_;
} // namespace skia