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/* Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* This file defines the PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private interface for
* establishing an image capture configuration resource within the browser.
label Chrome {
M42 = 0.1
* The <code>PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private</code> interface contains pointers
* to several functions for getting the image capture capabilities within the
* browser.
interface PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private {
* IsCameraCapabilities() determines if the given resource is a
* <code>PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private</code>.
* @param[in] resource A <code>PP_Resource</code> corresponding to an image
* capture capabilities resource.
* @return A <code>PP_Bool</code> containing <code>PP_TRUE</code> if the given
* resource is an <code>PP_CameraCapabilities_Private</code> resource,
* otherwise <code>PP_FALSE</code>.
PP_Bool IsCameraCapabilities(
[in] PP_Resource resource);
* GetSupportedVideoCaptureFormats() returns the supported video capture
* formats for the given <code>PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private</code>.
* @param[in] capabilities A <code>PP_Resource</code> corresponding to an
* image capture capabilities resource.
* @param[out] array_size The size of preview size array.
* @param[out] formats An array of <code>PP_VideoCaptureFormat</code>
* corresponding to the supported video capture formats. The ownership of the
* array belongs to <code>PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private</code> and the caller
* should not free it. When a PPB_CameraCapabilities_Private is deleted, the
* array returning from this is no longer valid.
void GetSupportedVideoCaptureFormats(
[in] PP_Resource capabilities,
[out] uint32_t array_size,
[out, size_is(array_size)] PP_VideoCaptureFormat[] formats);