[css-grid] Use min-content size for intrinsic maximums resolution

By mistake the specification used to say that, for items spanning
multiple tracks, the growth limits of the tracks with an intrinsic max
track sizing function should grow to accommodate the minimum
contribution of the item.

But this was a mistake, because an intrinsic max track sizing function
can only be min-content or max-content. So instead of distributing the
minimum contribution, it should be the min-content contribution.

The spec has been fixed and there is a CSSWG resolution in

This patch fixes the problem by reverting r424527. The change is likely
web compatible, since it only affects a rare edge case with 'minmax()'
where the min sizing function is 'auto' or a fixed value smaller than
the min-content contribution, the max sizing function is 'min-content',
and an item whose minimum contribution is forced to be different than
the min-content contribution, and spans multiple tracks.

Bug: 1122084


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