Revert "Fix BLE advertisement on macOS."

This reverts commit b28da169692913062e2291c3d7815d7ef4437990.

Reason for revert: This is a dependent revert for

Root Reason:

Causes build break
device/bluetooth/ error: comparison of two values with different enumeration types ('CBManagerState' and 'CBPeripheralManagerState') [-Werror,-Wenum-compare]
  if ([peripheral_manager_ state] < CBPeripheralManagerStatePoweredOn) {
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Original change's description:
> Fix BLE advertisement on macOS.
> The CoreBluetooth APIs expect CBUUID objects instead of raw UUID strings.
> BUG=865851
> TBR=ortuno
> Change-Id: I1ad7ac21a9213d0ee19edafe54f7de096b283347
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> Commit-Queue: Tim Song <>
> Reviewed-by: Tim Song <>
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Change-Id: I99fd190bc75a8f572d2129cb3843e8fb747c503d
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Bug: 865851
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