Revert "Move colorspace handling from xformcanvas to surface"

This reverts commit 63d1658ac9a9568fbed928855d042ea0ca63b923.

Reason for revert: Newly added test is failing on WebKit Win

Original change's description:
> Move colorspace handling from xformcanvas to surface
> Now that skia can perform all colorspace transformations during the draw,
> tag all surfaces with the desired colorspace. Clients can still choose to
> "convert" src images into that colorspace, or leave them as is.
> Some rebaselines are expected, as there will be small diffs in the low-bits
> of pixels as the two approaches (colorspacexform -vs- native-draw). Many
> of these will be mitigated by some skia changes underway (see skia:8793)
> Bug: skia:8773
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