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This directory contains some helpful Git tools.
post-checkout and post-merge
These hooks warn you about DEPS modifications so you will remember
to run "gclient sync".
To install these Git hooks, create symlinks like so:
ln -s $(pwd)/post-checkout $(git rev-parse --git-dir)/hooks
ln -s $(pwd)/post-merge $(git rev-parse --git-dir)/hooks
Create a graph of the recent history of occurences of a grep
expression in the project.
A script to suggest new owners for subdirectories in a git repo based on commit
count to the relevant subdirectory.
usage: [-h] [--days-ago DAYS_AGO]
[--subdirectory SUBDIRECTORY]
[--ignore-authors IGNORE_AUTHORS]
[--max-suggestions MAX_SUGGESTIONS]
[--author-cl-limit AUTHOR_CL_LIMIT]
[--dir-commit-limit DIR_COMMIT_LIMIT]
positional arguments:
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--days-ago DAYS_AGO Number of days of history to search through. (default:
--subdirectory SUBDIRECTORY
Limit to this subdirectory (default: None)
--ignore-authors IGNORE_AUTHORS
Ignore this comma separated list of authors (default:
--max-suggestions MAX_SUGGESTIONS
Maximum number of suggested authors per directory.
(default: 5)
--author-cl-limit AUTHOR_CL_LIMIT
Do not suggest authors who have commited less than
this to the directory. (default: 10)
--dir-commit-limit DIR_COMMIT_LIMIT
Merge directories with less than this number of
commits into their parent directory. (default: 100)