Keep track of SDP semantics, not including kDefault.

SDP semantics can be passed in to the PC as kPlanB, kUnifiedPlan or

This CL does the translation from kDefault to kPlanB (default) or
kUnifiedPlan (if a flag is used to overwrite the default) at
construction once and for all. This eliminates assumptions about what
kDefault may mean in different parts of the code or layers.

RTCPeerConnectionHandler is also updated to keep track of the SDP
semantics. Also passes down "sdp_semantics_requested" for the sake of
UMA counters which is the exception where we do care if "kDefault" was
used or not by the application.

This CL also updates some Plan B-only methods to DCHECK SDP semantics
or renames them to "...PlanB()".

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